Previous Theses

This page showcases examples of previous honors theses written by Political Science students. For additional completed thesis projects (in a range of disciplines), consult the thesis repository maintained by the Baruch College Library. For examples of thesis proposals, contact Prof. David Rosenberg (, Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Honors.


The Unitary Executive Theory: Benefits and Dangers by Dani Heba

The Origins of the Iraq War: The Role of Anthrax in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Claims by John Koenig

Seeking Justice for Jews from MENA Countries through International Law: Comparing the Cases of Morocco and Iraq by Jessica Yeroshalmi


The Gun Control Paradox in the States: Evidence from National Polls by William Rose


Neo-Extracting Gilded Welfare States: A Comparative Study of Extractivism and Latin American Welfare State Formation by Pabvitraa Ramcharan

The Social Contract Theory in the Face of Empirical Morality: Integration and its Consequences by Margaux Ramee


Who Upholds Your Human Rights When You are “Stateless?” Why Couldn’t the UN Protect the Rohingya’s Human Rights? by Hyochan Lee


The Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Poland: Comparative Analysis of Social Structure and Party Strategy by Patrycja Koszykowska (Winner of the college-wide Kanner Prize)

Patrycja presenting her research at Creative Inquiry Day. (An enthusiastic faculty mentor on the right.)


The Solution for Only a Few: A Comparison of Soviet and Syrian Refugee Admissions into the United States by Olivia Sztanga (Winner of the college-wide Kanner Prize)

Olivia presenting her research at Creative Inquiry Day.
Olivia’s research was also featured in the Destination Weissman video blog.

Presidential Strategy and Legislative Success by Julia Venditti

Julia presenting her research at Creative Inquiry Day.

Media Bias in US Presidential Elections: A Case Study of Major Cable News Stations in 2016 by Jessica Kweon


Why Did Narendra Modi Win? Investigating whether Religious Nationalist Sentiment was Responsible for one of the Most Significant Power Shifts in Indian History by Abhinaya Swaminathan


In Search of Truth and Justice: South Korea’s Delayed Democratization by Daniel Sungmo Yang


The Legacy of the Brazilian Cultural Coup of 1968: Literature and Politics, a Dance of Repression and Resistance by Marlon Altoé (Winner of the college-wide Kanner Prize)

Caveat Emptor, Lessons from the Eisenhower Presidency: A Comprehensive Overview of the Politics of Judicial Appointments and Ike’s Three “Biggest Damn-Fooled Mistakes” by Zachary Kaufman


Brazil’s Advance of Autonomy during Luís Inácio Lula da Silva’s Presidency: An Assessment of International Relations Theories to Explain Brazil’s Two-step Strategy by Ladyane Lima

Passions & Prejudice: The Constitution and Same-sex Marriage by James Meyers


Choosing War: A Constitutional and Ethical Evaluation of the U.S. Response to 9/11 in OIF and OEF by Garen Marshall (Winner of the college-wide Kanner Prize)

Older theses

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