Manifesto: A Style Imitation

After reading the assigned manifestos and watching the art installation/movie by Julian Rosefelt, you probably have a more general sense of what kind of genre ‘manifesto’ is and what the purpose of a manifesto is.

A manifesto is about hope as much as it is about anger and disappointment. It is a declaration as much as it is a poem. It is embedded in the present but also looks to the future.

With this in mind, I would like you to write your own Manifesto. This manifesto can be based on something you actually wish to declare, change, or create. It can be a manifesto in support of a movement you believe in that actually exists or one that you have created yourself or would like to create. ( Apt in times like these…)

On the other hand, it can be completely silly, fictional, or ridiculous if you would like but I would still like it to be thoughtful and satirical if that is the case ( eg  a Manifesto for Cats…)

Regardless, I would like you to imitate the style of one of the manifestos you’ve read or heard. You will only imitate the style the rest will be yours.


500 words. Please print out your manifesto and bring it to class on Tuesday, November 19th. We will be reading these out loud so you may want to do a practice run before you get to class.

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