Reading Schedule

Course Outline and Readings for Great Works of Literature: 2850

 Tentative Reading List:

All Texts can be found in the 3rd edition of  The Norton Anthology of World Literature Volumes D, E, and F unless otherwise noted. Please always read the introductions to each text they are extremely helpful in situating the text and your reading quiz will have one question about the introduction each time.

Week One: The Baggage of Enlightenment Thought

8/27       Introduction to the course/Syllabus/ Writing diagnostic

*You will also be assigned a reading for your Oral Presentation this week

 What is Literature? Jonathan Culler (excerpts)


What is Literature? Jonathan Culler (excerpts)

What Is Enlightenment? Immanuel Kant (Volume D: p. 105)


Week Two:


The Discourse on Method René Descartes (Volume D: p. 110)

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft (Volume D:  p. 133)

9/5 NO CLASS: Because of Labor Day this Thursday is a Monday

Begin reading:     Tartuffe Moliere (Volume D: p. 141)

 Week Three: East/West

(Theoretical frame: Edward Said- Orientalism)

 9/10  Tartuffe Moliere (Volume D: p. 141) RESPONSE #1 DUE

9/12 Finish Tartuffe (Volume D)

*Requirements for Paper One*

Week Four: All sorts of Romanticism

 9/17 Bewitched Ueda Akinari (text on Blog)

9/19 Life of a Sensuous Woman Ihara Saikaku (Volume D- 585) RESPONSE #2 DUE

Week Five:

9/24      Life of a Sensuous Woman Ihara Saikaku  (Continued) (Volume D- 585)


Week Six:  Poetic Movements of the 19th century


10/3 Paper One Due  In CLASS!

Romantic Poetry: (Volume E)

Ode on Intimations of Immortality William Wordsworth

 Kubla Khan Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Conversation Between Me and the Women Anna Bunina

A Defense of Poetry Percy Bysshe Shelley

Ode on a Grecian Urn John Keats


Week Seven:



FOR WEEK NINE: Assign Poet to each student for the poetry reading: (19th/20thcentury poets)

Week Eight: Romanticism in Prose and Symbolism

10/15 :

Romantic Poetry Continued: (Volume E)

Symbolist Poets (Volume E):

Charles Baudelaire


10/17:  The Sufferings of Young Werther Goethe (Selections on class blog)

Week Nine: RealismS

10/22   Poetry Readings in Class

Orature Readings (915 Volume E) If we have time !

10/24    RESPONSE #3 DUE

Week Ten:

10/29    A Simple Heart Gustave Flaubert

10/31   Response #4 Due

Bartleby, the Scrivener Herman Melville  

Edith Wharton (Roman Fever or Muse’s Tragedy; Selections TBA)

Week Eleven:

11/5:  The Tattooer Tanizaki Jun’Ichirō    

11/7: In Praise of Shadows (excerpts on the class blog) Tanizaki Jun’Ichirō

Samurai Champloo– Netflix

Assign Final Project 

Week Twelve:  BEGIN VOLUME F

11/12: Manifestos!

Dada Manifesto 1918 Tristan Tzara

Manifesto of Surrealism André Breton

The Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism F.T. Marinetti

SCUM Manifesto, Valerie Solanas

Cyborg Manifesto- Donna Haraway

11/14 : Response # 5 Due

 Chike’s School Days, Chinua Achebe

The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman, Clarice Lispector

 Week Thirteen:

11/19: Notes of a Native Son, James Baldwin

(+Between the World and Me)


Contemporary Fiction + “ World Literature” and ‘Cli-Fi/ Sci-fi’
(Folding Beijing; Calvino Petrol;Burning Chrome …Find on class blog)

Final project Workshopping 

Assign Contemporary Fiction Assignment: Texts TBD


Week Fourteen:

*Work on proposals for your final project 

11/26         NO CLASS 

11/28         NO CLASS

Week Fifteen:

12/3: Individual Meetings


  • Individual Meetings
  • Continued Reading for final project
  • Work on final Presentation

 Week Sixteen: Oral Presentations


12/12: Last Day Of Class:

Final Paper due during Exam week: 12/20.