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What is the problem that we are trying to fix?

Currently, as of February 21, there have been 1.6 million cases and 460 thousand deaths in the USA, and that is just in the USA alone. Coronavirus has been the biggest concern for most people in the US or worldwide, it is a deadly disease that is transmitted mainly through respiration, and also through objects that have the disease on them. The symptoms of coronavirus include headache, severe nausea, coughing, troubles with breathing, and the loss of taste and smell. Scientists found that as of now coronavirus is still mutating and could become worse. This is a worldwide problem as other countries are also showing cases totaling over 110 million and the death of over 2.46 million. The disease has also caused a worldwide quarantine shutting down a lot of businesses, schools, etc.

How are you going to solve the problems?

Our company (WIP) specializes in the health industry and we might have the cure for it. (drug name WIP) is a medicine invented by Dr.Yan, Dr.Zhen, Dr.Li, and their colleagues in 2021. (WIP) can strengthen the immune system of the human body by producing more white cells that can kill any virus that remains in human bodies. The covid-19 virus will be cured in 7 days after the patients take the pill or vaccine. (drug name WIP) will also have a long-term effect on the human body. Parts of (drug name WIP) will remain in human bodies for 5-10 years until it resolves completely. During this period, patients will still maximize their immune system, which means that there is a lower chance for them to catch cancer or any major diseases. We are currently looking at the future of returning to the outside world being able to roam freely again if you invest in us to help us mass-produce this product.