Lynda Benglis, Salmson, 1989

Lynda Benglis (b.1941)
Salmson, 1989
Stainless steel mesh dipped in aluminum alloy
73 x 58 x 12 in (185.4 x 147.3 x 30.5 cm)
Purchased with funding from the State of New York. Percent for Art Program, 1997
Newman Vertical Campus, Floor 1st

Imagine you are underwater watching these silver goldfishes swim around. How free it is while you are floating above them—the movement of the tail just like the hem of a dress. Benglis expresses herself in her work through body language and organic nature. From the slim lines to the thick folded edges, many details of texture are visible on the surface of this work. Benglis focused on the connection of water, waves, and the feeling of floating, which she calls “the forces in life and in the world.” Growing up in New Orleans influenced her to attach to urban and natural environments and put her spirit in art. When studying painting, Benglis was inspired by Franz Kline’s abstract works. The process of “making meaningful symbols” motivated her to utilize new art aspects such as abstraction. While looking at Salmson, you can feel her strength, power, and rhythm.