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 Academic integrity

  • Simon, C. A., Carr, J. R., McCullough, S. M., Morgan, S. J., Oleson, T., & Ressel, M. (2003). The other side of academic dishonesty: The relationship between faculty scepticism, gender and strategies for managing student academic dishonesty cases. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 28(2), 193-207.
    Klein, H. A., Levenburg, N. M., McKendall, M., & Mothersell, W. (2007). Cheating during the college years: How do business school students compare?. Journal of Business Ethics, 72(2), 197-206.

Immigrant student experiences

  • John Aubrey Douglass and Gregg Thomson Higher Education Policy (2010) 23, 451–474. The Immigrant’s University: A Study of Academic Performance and the Experiences of Recent Immigrant Groups at the University of California.
  • Academic trajectories of newcomer immigrant youth. (2010) Developmental psychology [0012-1649] Suárez Orozco, Carola Vol46; Issue 3. pp 602 -618.

Impact of Social class

  •  E Aries, M Seider. (2007). The role of social class in the formation of identity: A study of public and elite private college students.  The Journal of Social Psychology.
  • Stuber, Jenny M. 2009. Class, culture, and participation in the collegiate extra-curriculum.  Sociological Forum 24, no. 4: 877–900.


  • Stuber, Jenny M. 2006. Talk of class: Discursive boundaries and social reproduction among working- and upper-middle-class college students. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography,35, no. 3: 285–318.

 Commuter students




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