Next Steps…

The community service project has encouraged my participation in a variety of resources here at Baruch.  I started researching various potential organizations early on and started by asking upper class men about organizations what they have been a part of in the past.  The volunteer  fair held at Baruch’s multi-purpose room was very helpful and educational.  They had plenty of organizations and the representatives were nice and informative.  Although the organization my group picked was not at the fair, I still appreciate Baruch’s effort in bringing so many organizations and opportunities together for the students.  The library is also a resource that I have utilized since I have been here at Baruch.  I seemed to be there even more frequently than usual when I had to work on the community service project.  Its the perfect environment to get work done by yourself or with others.  The study rooms are a valuable resource, especially when working on a group project like the community service project.  I have not joined a student club but look forward to joining the Phi Eta Sigma honors society next semester.  They seem to care about the community as well as the students.  They are also dedicated to helping freshman adjust to college life.  Besides Phi Eta Sigma I might also start my own club dedicated to running and track and field.  I hope to use the club to benefit others my running fundraisers and supporting different races that are held for a good cause.  I have done community service in the past but this project had exposed me to the different needs of my immediate community.  Now that I am aware of the social issues in New York City, I will be more likely to volunteer more often than I did in high school.  Over the next three years, I hope to accomplish a lot of my goals.  I always place a priority on school work but I also will have a job or internship.  I know I will also keep in touch with New York Cares, my group’s organization for the community service project.  Now that I am a member, I will be more aware of volunteer opportunities that I will definitely utilize in the years to come.


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What does it mean to serve your community?

To serve my community means to donate my time and efforts to give back and help those around me.  Baruch Scholars are seen as capable young people who can contribute a lot to the world around them.  Their abilities and advantages must be used to help those around them who need help.  Those in the Honors program must do a certain number of hours giving back to the community each semester.  I think this teaches us good habits that we hopefully will continue with after we leave college.  It also exposes us to the benefits of giving back.  It is truly a great feeling to help others and to see a situation get better than it was before because of my contributions.  As a Baruch Scholar, I think it should be my job to set a good example wherever I go and to inspire others to give back as well.  It is important as a scholar to do my best in all areas of my like, not just academics.  I must live a balanced life and serving my community will help me with this.  Baruch Scholars are held to a higher standard and are often looked up to by others.  This adds responsibility that only motivates me to do my best always.  The Honors Program does an excellent job promoting a culture of service to all students.  Emails and flyers show us opportunities to help others and let us know that there is always someone in need of help.  The Honors Program has made me more self aware in the short time I have been in college.  The only hard part is deciding which organization to help since I feel strongly about  many different causes.

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Where I have been and Where I am Going

Hello, my name is Robert Amparo.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York but live in Staten Island.   I enjoy watching T.V., playing basketball, and reading.  I attended St. Jospeh by-the-Sea high school in Staten Island and enjoyed it there.  However, I also wanted to see something new, so I chose to go to Baruch.

Being the youngest of two boys in my family has had a significant impact on who I am today.  My brother is five and a half years older than me and I have looked up to him my whole life.  When I was younger, he was all I had and I wanted to do whatever he did.  When he played basketball and ran track, he inspired me try as well.  When it was time to decide which high school or college to attend, I ultimatley chose the one where he graduated.  Although he  is still my older brother and a great role model, I have started to make more decisions on my own.  I feel that I am at the point in my life where I am coming in to my own and at times it can be difficult, but I know that I will never reach my full potential if I copy someone else.  Only living my own life will satisfy me and make me happy.  As I begin my college career in the same school and same honors program as my brother, I still hope to achieve at least as much success as he did.  The only difference is that I want to achieve my  own goals in my own way.  I know that my first semester at Baruch is crucial and I am finding my transition into college smooth so far.  I hope to get A’s in all  my classes and make some new friends and connecitons along the way, especially in my Learning Community.


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Hello world!

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