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The community service project has encouraged my participation in a variety of resources here at Baruch.  I started researching various potential organizations early on and started by asking upper class men about organizations what they have been a part of in the past.  The volunteer  fair held at Baruch’s multi-purpose room was very helpful and educational.  They had plenty of organizations and the representatives were nice and informative.  Although the organization my group picked was not at the fair, I still appreciate Baruch’s effort in bringing so many organizations and opportunities together for the students.  The library is also a resource that I have utilized since I have been here at Baruch.  I seemed to be there even more frequently than usual when I had to work on the community service project.  Its the perfect environment to get work done by yourself or with others.  The study rooms are a valuable resource, especially when working on a group project like the community service project.  I have not joined a student club but look forward to joining the Phi Eta Sigma honors society next semester.  They seem to care about the community as well as the students.  They are also dedicated to helping freshman adjust to college life.  Besides Phi Eta Sigma I might also start my own club dedicated to running and track and field.  I hope to use the club to benefit others my running fundraisers and supporting different races that are held for a good cause.  I have done community service in the past but this project had exposed me to the different needs of my immediate community.  Now that I am aware of the social issues in New York City, I will be more likely to volunteer more often than I did in high school.  Over the next three years, I hope to accomplish a lot of my goals.  I always place a priority on school work but I also will have a job or internship.  I know I will also keep in touch with New York Cares, my group’s organization for the community service project.  Now that I am a member, I will be more aware of volunteer opportunities that I will definitely utilize in the years to come.


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