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Netflix Not Fazed by Apple Competition

Apple is coming after streaming TV, and they are coming at lightning speed with a huge budget pushing R&D. If the current market players are concerned, don’t count Netflix CEO Reed Hastings among them. The notoriously cavalier Hastings claims he’s not worried about Apple at all. Hubris? Maybe. We’ll see. The market isn’t feeling the love. Recently, shares of Netflix fell 8 percent after the news that Apple is considering a move into original streaming programming. That programming would almost certainly compete against Netflix, Amazon Read More + Read More +

Tesla Engineer Defectors Join Apple’s Car Team

Apple is getting serious about its electric car program. The company recently “hired” a senior engineer from electric car pioneer Tesla Motors … another step in Apple’s commitment to build a team and a program focused on automated driving. Engineer Jamie Carlson posted on his LinkedIn profile that he has exited Tesla in favor of Apple, one of seven professionals with “self-driving tech” experience to join Apple in recent weeks. Read More +

The Great Muppet … War?

The Muppets and Sesame Street face off in new episodes and updated storylines, all airing beginning in the fall. Time Warner took over the rights for Sesame Street and will be airing new episodes on HBO while Disney has the rights to The Muppets and will be airing new 30-minute programs on ABC-TV. All those fuzzy characters teaching and joking, laughing, grouching, and in general having a Muppet good time. This should make for some interesting rating battles as they square off while also building Read More +

Amazon just passed Walmart, but has the web surpassed the brick and mortar store?

Did Amazon Prime Day signal a sea change in retail? Some called it a flop, some questioned if Amazon was crazy and they predicted a bad outcome. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is crazy like a fox, and explains what seemed like farce at the time is turning into the stuff of PR legend. This week the quarterly reports hit the news and Wall Street – Amazon is now worth more than Walmart. Let that sink in. Read More +

This New Eatery Hopes to Steal Chipotle Customers

Sweetgreen is a new fast food chain gaining momentum, and it is so vital to understand your brand is more than just the food you sell,. Sweetgreen opened its first location in 2007 when three recent grads from Georgetown University decided they wanted to create a healthy, affordable, and delicious fast food establishment. Eight years later and they have 31 locations in New York, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Read More +

T-Mobile Continues Giving It All Away

In the race for Number Three it seems there is little some telecom brands will not do to keep pace with the industry’s big dogs. And, this next gambit just might work. Soon, T-Mobile customers will be able to call Canada and Mexico – and make their call when traveling in those countries – without any additional international fees. The offer, which the company is calling “Mobile Without Borders,” is another facet of the carrier’s attempts to wrestle customers away from closest rival, Sprint. And, Read More + Read More +

Caitlyn: Marketing Ploy or Honesty?

By now everyone knows that Bruce Jenner, well, is no longer Bruce Jenner. She has become quite simply Caitlyn. The news has taken the world by storm. Bruce, once the embodiment of masculinity and deemed “the world’s greatest athlete” is now a woman. Almost immediately many have asked about the real reason behind Caitlyn’s transformation? It seems unfathomable that anyone would go to those lengths just to gain attention or to promote their show. But there is growing speculation surrounding Caitlyn that may never completely Read More + Read More +