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Pro Wrestling Just Got Really Real…

Forget kayfabe … pro wrestling is real. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask ESPN. The world’s leader in sports coverage just added weekly WWE segments to its programming. The “wrestling” highlights might aggravate sports purists, but the networks involved – ESPN and WWE – don’t care in the least. They need the help. ESPN has struggled financially of late. As with every other set time news delivery product, ESPN’s flagship programs like SportsCenter are constantly scooped by social media. Consider the recent news Read More + Read More +

Netflix Raises Rates to Less Outcry This Time

Last time Netflix raised their rates they definitely swung for the fences, doubling their fee in the face of multiple streams of service. Their customers answered with a resounding “meh” … followed by canceling their subscriptions. The company relented, dropping their rates and allowing mail order customers to keep streaming and vice versa. Read More +

Three Ways Public Relations Can Make Your Brand Shine

These days, many business owners are looking for proven techniques they can implement to build their brand. If this is your current professional objective, it’s important to know that hiring a professional public relations team may be the key to your success. There are literally hundreds of strategies that public relations experts can implement to make your brand shine. Here are three of them… Read More +

Amazon Slashes the Price for Prime

On September 25th for 24 hours, Prime was on sale to new members for a mere $67. Why, you ask? Well, Amazon has a hit show they offer on Prime called “Transparent.” And at the 67th annual Emmys earlier in the week, Transparent won big with five Emmy Awards. So the sale price of $67 is all about the 67th annual Emmys. Read More +

Google strikes at Apple with Android Pay

Apple Pay has become a go-to tech upgrade for companies and individuals looking to streamline their point of purchase interactions. With (almost) everyone carrying a smartphone these days, mobile pay is the next step in “what everyone will be doing soon.” Believe it or not Millennials, there was a time when paying with “plastic” was unheard of. In the early days of credit – and then debit – cards, most people still opted to pay cash. They distrusted plastic for a variety of reasons. In Read More + Read More +

PR Fail: Star-Kist Tuna Gaffe is Some Fish Tale

Over two years ago the law firm of Bursor and Fisher brought a class-action lawsuit against Star-Kist Tuna. They claimed the company failed to include the required amounts of product in their 5 oz. cans of chunk light tuna and white albacore tuna. Depending on which type, Federal law requires there be either 2.84 oz. of tuna or 3.23 oz. of tuna in 5 oz. cans. This affects purchases of the cans made from February 19, 2009, through October 31, 2014. Read More +

Netflix Not Fazed by Apple Competition

Apple is coming after streaming TV, and they are coming at lightning speed with a huge budget pushing R&D. If the current market players are concerned, don’t count Netflix CEO Reed Hastings among them. The notoriously cavalier Hastings claims he’s not worried about Apple at all. Hubris? Maybe. We’ll see. The market isn’t feeling the love. Recently, shares of Netflix fell 8 percent after the news that Apple is considering a move into original streaming programming. That programming would almost certainly compete against Netflix, Amazon Read More + Read More +

Tesla Engineer Defectors Join Apple’s Car Team

Apple is getting serious about its electric car program. The company recently “hired” a senior engineer from electric car pioneer Tesla Motors … another step in Apple’s commitment to build a team and a program focused on automated driving. Engineer Jamie Carlson posted on his LinkedIn profile that he has exited Tesla in favor of Apple, one of seven professionals with “self-driving tech” experience to join Apple in recent weeks. Read More +