Where I Have Been and Where I am Going

I am an only child. People always tell me that it “must have been lonely.” I was never lonely. In fact, growing up, I spent a lot of time with my cousins who I consider to be my “siblings.” In hindsight, they were even better than siblings- all the benefits of companionship without any of the fighting. But when they weren’t around, I had to find ways to entertain myself. You could usually find me building something out of cardboard boxes; I enjoyed creating forts and houses for myself. Cardboard was a very precious material for me back then.

It may surprise you to know that I never created an imaginary friend. I’ve always been a loner.  Maybe growing up as an only child conditioned me to be this way. Maybe I’m just this way at heart. Being a loner doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy company; it just means that I am not hesitant to be alone in all sorts of environments.

Growing up with nearly a dozen cousins gave me a good sampling of different beliefs and ideologies. I was never a particularly intolerant person. I held some common misconceptions about people and human nature as a kid, but I understand much more now. Though my beliefs have evolved over the years, one has remained constant: I do not accept the theory of a god. I’m not a militant atheist who believes that religion is a problem that needs solving; I am only concerned with my personal beliefs and their protection. I do my best to stay out of other people’s affairs.

That’s me in a nutshell- at least who I am now. Who I want to be isn’t different in terms of beliefs. I do see myself as having a high-paying career when I eventually get thrown out into the work force. I know that I should do something that I enjoy- something that really fulfills me. Fortunately for me, that something is making lots of cash. Some may say that money isn’t the right kind of motivation, but they only see the surface. It’s what I want to do with that money that really motivates me to attain my ideal future. I won’t go into details here.

I figured that the first major step towards my perfect economic status was getting a head start during my first semester. I’ve been doing my work and getting to know people. I would like to try to get an internship during the summer, but I know this will be difficult considering I’m really only taking core classes right now. Hopefully I can sell myself to employers well enough to overcome this.

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  1. ss113481 says:

    I’m an only child as well! And I completely agree with you; I was never lonely. In fact, I think, just as you said, it made me more adjusting and independent. It’s great that you’re already motivated to think about your future after your college. I hope that even though you are taking core classes, you find something of interest that you can perhaps pursue as a minor.

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