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So far, to be honest, I have not felt the need to contact or request any services that the support centers at Baruch offer. I’m not entirely sure what help we would need or what center to go to get that help. I’ve thought about going to the Writing Center for English papers, but never followed through. My grades don’t reflect that I need any help currently, but it’s nice to know that these resources are available to me whenever I need them.

Unfortunately, as a result of the surprise onset of work (English papers!) that I experienced sometime in October, my involvement with student organizations is minimal. My first day at Baruch, I attended an Ambassador’s meeting. It’s a group that gives campus tours to prospective Baruch students. Ever since that day, I have been to one Ambassador event. I’m surprised I even made it to that one, because daunting commute. The commute is actually another contributing factor to my perceived lack of interest in clubs. Joining and actively participating in organizations seems more feasible next term- when I’ve settled into the commuter life.

In terms of other Baruch-related organizations, I am actually excited for the community service project. We are yet to volunteer, but I expect that getting involved in Change For Kids (the focus of my group’s community service project) will be rewarding on a few levels. Obviously it will be great to help kids learn and become better students, but it will also be good practice for life in general. We will always need to get out there, talk to people, and make friends- something especially important for students entering the field of business. I think that volunteering is great for learning to connect with people from different walks of life. If my experience at Change For Kids matches my expectations, I can see myself getting increasingly involved as I progress through college. And not just with CFK, but various organizations with different focuses and goals.

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  1. ss113481 says:

    Ross, I can’t wait to hear your volunteering experiences! I have tutored children and I can say that it can be a very rewarding thing to do. There are definitely times when your students amaze, surprise, and completely inspire you! I understand that you haven’t felt the need to consult with the various resources that Baruch has to offer just yet. I didn’t pay my first visit to the Writing Center until this semester, when I had a major term paper for my Law minor. It’s just good to know what resources are available to you so that you can use them effectively when you need them.

    I’m sure you will find a group to get involved with and it’s perfectly okay if you don’t find that group your very first semester. Take your time with it because your extracurriculars and co-curriculars aren’t supposed to be burdens; they’re meant to be enjoyable. Ross, you got this!

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