The Tempest

The most enjoyable part of the live showing was how animated the characters were when they were acting. The way they were speaking their lines and using body language presented themselves in a manner where they really became one with the character. Emotions such as a mother’s worries, a spirit’s yearning to become free, or someone looking for revenge, all emotions were clearly shown for easy consumption, considering that it is a Shakespearean play. Some of my discrepancies come from things that are kind of unavoidable for a play of this grandeur. For example, because of the lacking amount of cast members, the parts involving other characters on the island had to be summarized by a narrator in order for us to understand the rest of the story. This lowered the immersion for the audience, but it is completely understandable. I think with the people acting on stage, brings out much more emotional appeal and pathos as they can more effectively enhance the lines and their meaning.