Assignment 3 Abstract

  1. Has an over-exposure to technology created a disconnect in our ability to communicate with each other?
  2. My question comes from the fact that I experienced a decline in my ability to communicate effectively during the pandemic. Misunderstandings rose and repercussions that shouldn’t have happened in person happened. Due to my experiences and situation, I am interested in this topic due to its modern application and the nuances surrounding it.
  3. Considering this topic is rather new and modern, I can see it being predominantly covered in online spaces such as articles and YouTube.
  4. My target audience will be adults interested in mental health and technology.
  5. This will be a research paper.
  6. By analyzing sources and deriving their findings, it will be able to come to the best possible conclusion, which makes the research paper the best form.
  7. I’m trying to show the audience the dangers, or benefits, from this new age technology and how to navigate using it depending on how it affects communication.

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