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For my digital essay I covered part of my papers thesis of how we as citizens are slaves of society. I did this by taping random groups of people across the city as if they were living out a normal day. I hope people can understand this even though it may be quite difficult to grasp at first. I play the song “When You’re Smiling” because throughout the entire only one person is smiling, showing that we aren’t really who we are but who society wants us to be. The obedient citizen with arms to the side and minding their own business. I also play the background noises from the original filming, because Anne Waldman uses a great deal of noise when reading her poems so I thought I would do something of the similar fashion.

Throughout the video I hope you are able to see what makes us slaves to society. For example how we follow fashion and always try to be up to date with our cloths, or at least try to have something that is fairly new in one’s closet. Another is technology, and how we always try to get the next best thing that comes out. Apple has the most popularity when it comes to this so I decided to film them. They were not so happy about that though. The final is the subway and streets. We follow society by simply walking on a sidewalk everyday and not even thinking twice about it. Society tells us to do this so we do without question. The subway for many New Yorkers is a thing we use on a daily basis and if we cannot get on the subway, well we’re screwed. So i hope when you watch the video you see everything I mentioned and can agree.


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  1. kn146613 says:

    nice video! question, are you greek?

  2. ns148142 says:

    thanks and yea hbu you?

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