• Updated Chatbot

    After more tries i was finally able to purchase on the openAI website. Here is the link to my chatbot.

  • Fine tune Chatbot

    To be completely honest, this has been the worst experience and assignment to date, not because of the topic itself or that creating and fine tuning the chatbot is difficult, but because the system we are supposed to use to do this is not working. It did not work the first time when I tried to create my own prompt, and now it is not working to fine tune because the site will not let me pay for credit to run the fine tuning. I will keep trying to input my credit card information until the time of class so I can hopefully have something to show, but I don’t think this will be the case. I have attached my takeaways from the assignment, which are not many, and the questions/answers I was going to use to fine tune the chatbot.

    For reference, the error message I received is included in the attached document.

  • Open AI Chatbot HW Exercise

    For this HW we had to create a prompt for the chatbot we are creating. I tried in my original account to do this, but unfortunately it kept saying I had reached my usage limits. Then I created a new account, but it said the same thing. I’m not too sure if what the error is. I tried to shorten the system section. I also tried to include a message in the user section as well, but I still received this error.


  • Assignment 1
  • 3D Game Boy

    Some angles of the 3D Game boy created on Tinkercad.

  • Favorite Childhood Toy

    While I don’t remember a favorite childhood toy, the one I recall the most is the gray gameboy I won during a Yogi Bear raffle because it was the first, and so far only, thing I have ever won by pure luck.

  • Live Blog

    Monday, Sept 11, 2023

    For this class activity, as the propt stated I tried to create a useless product composed of 2 kitchen products. My first thought was an oven mitt with a knife side. I knew that incorporating a knife to some extent would help in making a product useless, but once I created the top left image the other ideas came about. However, I realized that they could all be used to some extent, and so I decided to alter my image to the bottom left, a square oven mitten with the sides made of steel knife. It would definitely be hard to bend and use an oven mitt and it would be hard to grab to use as a knife.

    Creating something useless is difficult because we usually don’t think in that manner. We might think a product that has already been created is useless for us and our needs, but when we try to create something, our ideas tend to focus on what we would want to exist versus what has been a waste of time to create.