Here Comes Everybody – Reflection on Chapters 1,2 and 3
March 13, 2012, 1:47 am
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Chapter One:

The first chapter of this book only reinforce my views on how powerful the Internet really is.
It’s actually quite alarming that Evan was able to build this website, surrounding an underage girl, and have anyone look at her and know about her life, what she looks like, what neighborhood she live in, AND HE DIDNT GET INTO ANY TROUBLE. I understand why he had to do that, but I really feel like Evan and Ivanna could have done something a little less public. As a parent, I would be horrified at the fact that a huge community of people using the Web was saying and thinking hurtful and harmful things about my daughter. I think Sasha should have done the right thing and just given back the phone.

However, I can really empathize with Evan and Ivanna because I was just pick pocketed earlier today. I don’t care so much for the money or things like that, but I really care about my ID cards and my personal information. If I had some way of contacting the person that has my stuff, I would do anything to get it back. And, ultimately, after reading this chapter, I’d probably take some desperate measures and reach out to t Internet for help.

Chapter Two:
The idea of “tags” is amazing.
When I think of tags, I also think of “hash tags” or “#____”. These two concepts help to link people together, who share similar ideas. I use an app on the iPhone called Instagram. After you post a photo, you have an option to “tag” it with a certain category. People can look up those tags and find similar photos and ultimately find you. I think people often are surprised when they realize how much you have in common with other users. One risk however, is the idea of free riders. I think that many web users dont see any harm in free riding, but it actually makes people who upload original content feel reluctant to do so because people are taking advantage of their work.

Chapter Three:
This chapter was one of the more interesting ones to me because I felt like its most applicable to society now. Everyone is a source for news. Its incredible how fast and easy news travels now. With the inventions of blogs, Facebook notifications, Twitter, the amount of information spreads like wild fire. Theres a commercial for ATNT that promotes how fast their phones work, and its like, within seconds, current news becomes old news. The danger in that is that the line for accuracy becomes blurred. It’s becomes harder to know whos telling the truth and who isnt. You also want to be amongst the group that gets to spread new information first, but what if you do so without some research. Things become more complicated when everyone is a media outlet.


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I was also amazed that Evan didn’t get into trouble due to harassment. I expected the police to do something even a little. I understand as well that Sasha was wrong, but that was a little too much for a young adult.

   collen b. 03.15.12 @ 9:24 pm

I think the fact that Sasha went so far as to get people she knew involved and create a huge mess of things warranted the actions that Evan took because Sasha like most kids seem to be too protected by the amount of people they know and need to be taught a lesson the hard way since normal communications did not go well.

   jigar kamdar 05.12.12 @ 1:11 pm

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