Ideas for Rhetorical Analysis Project

s.chowdhury on Sep 25th 2014

Topic 1: Media Consolidation – Comcast & Time Warner Merger

  • Comcast Petition:
  • Netflix Petition:

Topic 2: Do Muslim Women Need Saving? 

  • Lila Abu-Lughod “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? Anthropological Reflections on Cultural Relativism and Its Others”
  • Marnia Lazreg Questioning the Veil: Open Letters to Muslim Women “Letter 5: Why Women Should Not Wear the Veil” – Hardcopy


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One Response to “Ideas for Rhetorical Analysis Project”

  1. l.sunon 30 Sep 2014 at 3:28 pm

    The topic about Muslim Women is interesting. And I think there is definitely conflict in this topic taking cultural difference into consideration, which to some extent, eases the analysis. A good choice!