Project Plan

s.chowdhury on Nov 11th 2014

I’m going to be writing about how media conglomeration is limiting voices and ultimately hurting democracy. The sound-bite culture we currently live in is perpetuated by consolidation. I think I’m going to focus on the effects on journalism specifically, instead of the entire media industry as a whole. I’ve been reading a lot of different sources, trying to get a grasp on the most popular arguments for consolidation. It seems that most of these arguments look at it from the business aspect, claiming it’s in the public interest, but in essence it is just to increase profits. I’m going to try to interview my media studies professor from Queens College – hopefully our schedules match up and I can do it. She’s worked at NBC previously and became a professor for the specific reason of influencing students to take a stance against consolidation, so I think getting her voice would be interesting. I’m not sure yet who I want my audience to be, I guess maybe the companies themselves – I want to convince them that making ratings their main concern is creating an ignorant public.

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