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Welcome to Teach Hybrid! A public-facing, Open Educational Resource (OER), Teach Hybrid offers resources for designing and implementing hybrid courses, as well as curricular tools for faculty development. Here, you’ll find syllabi, assignments, activity descriptions, and reflections from faculty at Baruch College who designed a hybrid course as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Hybrid Seminar. Teaching a hybrid course creates new opportunities for faculty to share their subjects with students and explore new teaching models. With 33–80% of class meetings no longer spent in the traditional classroom, faculty can think more broadly about how and where learning takes place, whether it’s online using digital tools, or engaged in experiential learning. Most faculty find this greater flexibility simultaneously exciting and daunting.

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Since 2014, Baruch’s Center for Teaching and Learning has helped faculty navigate these opportunities through its Hybrid Seminar, which works with an interdisciplinary cohort of faculty to shift a course to the hybrid format. For more information visit our Hybrid Seminar website.

Teach Hybrid is developed and maintained by Digital Pedagogy Specialists working at the Baruch Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Current Digital Pedagogy Specialists are Seth Graves, Tamara Gubernat, Hamad Sindhi, and Ron Whiteman. For additional biographical information about this team and other CTL staff, visit the CTL staff page. For more information about the CTL, please visit the Center’s website. Baruch College faculty and staff can schedule one-on-one consultations with CTL staff by visiting the CTL’s appointments page.