With a statistic of one pet per every three households within New York, it is only inevitable that this city holds a great deal of uplifting, inspiring tales of pet rescue. It is not uncommon to find yourself talking to a pet owner, whom you’ve merely crossed paths with on the sidewalk and known for just a few minutes, but is nonetheless delighted to share the story of how they rescued or adopted their pet, and explain the cruel conditions from which their pet was saved. These are stories that deserve to be heard in an effort to promote the importance and necessity of adoption.

The overall aim of this blog is to promote pet adoption in the New York area while incorporating relevant, factual data revolving around adoption in such a way that is entertaining yet compelling. The blog focuses on specific stories from actual people who have in some way participated in the act of adoption, while simultaneously acting as a resource for those who would like to obtain more information about the adoption process.

I hope to create an online community of animal lovers and adoption advocates alike. Whether you have already adopted, would like to adopt, or would just like to read about those who have, this blog can serve as your guide.