Artemisia V. Local Handmade Bath and Body Products

DSC_0109Artemisia V is a bath and body brand based out of Astoria, Queens. I stumbled upon these beautiful soaps while visiting an artisinal fair in Astoria. Artemisia V stood out among the other vendors to me. Their products were displayed as professionally as one much see in a store window. It was clear to me, from afar that Artemisia was the star of the fair.

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Revlon’s New Tagline and Possible Discrimination

Recently, the mega cosmetics brand Revlon launched a new tagline, the first in over 10 years for the company. The new tagline Love Is On has been launched using a variety of social and traditional media. The commercials also feature celebrity Emma Stone. The social media aspect of the campaign asked customers to tweet and Instagram photos of themselves with their loved one using the hashtag #LoveisOn. The company then curates these customer photos and features them on it’s website as well as on a billboard. As a part of the initiative to spread the new tagline Revlon has also launched a photo booth on a jumbo screen in Timesquare of New York City to display these photos. The Jumbo screen also has a #LoveIsOn hashtag written on it. It is meant to take photos of couples displaying affection toward one another.

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This Week’s Beauty News

  • Katerina Netolicka, Czech model and face of L’oreal found dead [Time]
  • Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss raises 10$ Million for expansion [Forbes]
  • Revlon launches “Love Is On” campaign to encourage brand recognition [Abc News]
  • Sephora blocks purchases from Asian accounts online, lawsuit rush begins [Reuters]
  • Estee Lauder continues acquisition spree, buys luxury brand Rodin Olio Lusso [Crain’s]

Revlon releases “Ultra HD Lipsticks”

Product Display

Product Display

About a month ago, Revlon released a new collection for the Fall/Winter season. The collection has just this week arrived at my local drugstores. Information about the new collection was hard to find, as the product is not yet on the Revlon website. All of the information that I have is based on the product display, personal experience and from other blog posts. The line is called “Ultra HD” although I am not sure why this is. There are 14 colors available and they range from bright spring appropriate colors to deep fall inspired colors. The lipstick colors are named after flowers, which I really enjoy; the colors I purchased are called Primrose, Gladiolus and Iris. This does leave me wondering why the products were not released in the spring. There were also lip lacquers released along with the lipsticks, but for this review, I will focus on the lipsticks.

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The Kozak Family Beauty Hacks


I was born in Mielec, Poland. Although I moved to NYC at a very young age, I spent many summers in Poland. Throughout this time my extended family has given me hundreds of life tips. Have you seen the movie, My Big Fat Greek wedding? My family is like that, but Polish. Most of their advice frankly makes me burst into fits of laughter. My grandmothers life advice typically along the lines of “No man will marry a woman that doesn’t know how to make a Pierogi from scratch” often old fashioned and silly but I do wonder how much of it, I should actually take to heart. Below, is a list of the various beauty hacks I have picked up from my Polish family over the years.Some sound silly, some practical and some downright insane. Lucky for you, I have tested them all and seen results. Welcome to the Kozak family, below you will find my favorite tips:

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Tips and Tricks for Landing PR Internships



Before you start your internship search, make sure your resume is pristine. The smallest of spelling or grammar errors will immediately get your resume tossed. Spell check it, search for errors and then have ten other people do the same. Ask your professors, family members and friends to read it. The career services center at most universities is terrific for this. Now, as far as content goes, include anything at all relevant to public relations. If you do not have any internship experience whatsoever this your time to get creative (but never embellish!) Before I had any experience working in public relations I worked at a doctor’s office. Occasionally the staff members would have me write blog posts, social Continue reading

Twenty-Something Beauty with Yoli Cotray

Yoli hard at work on a photoshoot.

Yoli hard at work on a photoshoot.


Yoli Cotray and I met a few years back, when her beau (and one of my closest friends) introduced us at a NYC bar. My immediate reaction as we shook hands was “Wow, this girl has really great eyebrows!” I guess that is something only a girl obsessed with makeup products would think. The thin patchy baby caterpillars that rest on top of my eyes, pale in comparison. I had to know her secret! I wondered if it would it be weird to ask her what eye pencil she used 15 minutes into meeting her. I told myself I would avoid the awkward eyebrow talk for the time being and inquire about the story of how the lovely couple met.

Fast-forward to the day I was assigned to write a blog post. My professor told the class that we must include an interview in our first post. My immediate thought? My chance to ask Yoli how in the world she does it! Yoli and I have known one another for about two years now, and I have yet to see the girl look anything less than air brushed. After a twelve-hour Continue reading