Tempest Live Reading Assignment

Alberto Ramirez

ENG 2150

15 March 2024

There are many enjoyable parts in The Tempest, which is one of Shakespeare’s most beautiful plays. The figure of Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan, is without a doubt one of the most interesting parts. Prospero is a fascinating character on stage because he is complicated, on a journey to forgiveness and healing, and a master of magic. Seeing Prospero portrayed on stage adds a layer of depth and nuance to his character. Through the actor’s interpretation, we witness his transformation from a vengeful sorcerer to a compassionate ruler. The physicality, facial expressions, and vocal nuances of the actor bring Prospero to life and enhance our understanding of his emotions and motivations. We can see the weight of his past, the torment of his exile, and the growth of his character through the actor’s portrayal. Prospero’s character gets more complex and interesting when you see him on stage. We see how he changes from a cruel magician to a kind king through the actor’s performance. The actor’s body language, facial movements, and voice range bring Prospero to life and help us understand how he feels and what drives him. Through the way the actor plays him, we can feel the weight of his past, the pain of his absence, and the change in his character.