Rashomon Assignment

Alberto Ramirez

ENG 2150

29 March 2024

  1. The film “Rashomon” presents the conflicting accounts of a murder and assault from a variety of points of view, which presents a challenge to the ideas of reality and perception. 
  2. In “Rashomon,” the main symbols include the Rashomon gate, the bandit’s dagger, and the forest. The gate symbolizes moral decay, the dagger represents violence and betrayal, and the forest symbolizes the complexity of truth and human nature.
  3. In “Rashomon,”  different stories about the same event are told in different ways, which shows how subjective truth and memory are. It makes the audience question the reliability of each story and shows how complicated human perception and storytelling are.
  4. Social media makes the Rashomon effect worse by making it easy for different stories and points of view about current events to spread quickly. For starters, because social media is fast, information can spread quickly without being thoroughly checked for accuracy. This has led to many stories of the same event. Users can share their opinions right away, which helps to build a story about an event that is both broken up and complicated. Additionally, the “echo chamber effect” on social media sites frequently strengthens preconceived notions and biases, making the different points of view on a subject even more noticeable. Users are more likely to interact with material that supports their beliefs, which reinforces different stories instead of leading to a single truth. This effect can lead to groups that are cut off from each other and only read information that supports what they already think, which widens the gap between their points of view. Misinformation and lies can also spread quickly on social media sites because people can post anonymously and it’s easy to share and create content. Images and stories that aren’t true can quickly go viral, changing how people understand what happened and making it easier for different versions of what happened to spread. People who spread false information may not be held responsible, which can make the Rashomon effect worse by making it even harder to find the truth.