Texts on Street

Texts on the street


Flyers are pieces of paper where the public can spread all types of information. As we walk on the streets, we observe pieces of writing from all types of places. Flyers can be anywhere, cable poles, on stores, and even people volunteering to handle it out. These pieces of paper express one’s emotion whether it be for informative or personal purposes. As a community, we are able to learn about each other through the message being sent by each individual. Through these concerns, we maintain a certain role to fulfill, regardless of the various factors that may sway our interests. Even though it may not be a personal concern, it may be in our best interest to take a look. Though, many people consider it a waste of their time reading flyers and commonly ignore the hidden messages within their community, having knowledge in our own neighborhoods is essential

In New York City, people who lost their possessions can put up missing posters around the neighborhood. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 85 percent of 1,000 households lost dogs and cats were recovered. These missing flyers range from cats, dogs, and even people. In some cases, there are rewards for finding the missing person or pet. There are literal jobs offered to people who actively find missing people. According to privateinvestigatorEDU.org, missing person investigators are the professionals called in when families and other loved ones want to find the truth about their missing loved ones, relatives, business associates, etc., regardless of the circumstances. Missing flyers are an important part of our streets. It provides safety to the people who fear the loss of their possession. Every resident of New York City has a responsibility to return items to the rightful owner. By doing so, items dropped can always be returned to the owner. Though this may seem impossible, there are countries where most lost items will come back to you as long as there is information. According to BBC News,  In 2018, over 545,000 ID cards were returned to their owners by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police  – 73% of the total number of lost IDs. Likewise, 130,000 mobile phones (83%) and 240,000 wallets (65%) found their way back. Often these items were returned the same day. As a result of these statistics, it is fair to say Japan is one of the safest countries. While it does not seem to be an immediate issue now, the number of items being lost will increase. This may deter tourists from visiting New York City due to the poor reputation. Also, another problem that arises due to not returning loss of possessions is the lack of information and communication with the owner. Careless people who dropped their wallets, sometimes do not receive their wallets back.  The reason behind this is because there is rarely personal information in one’s wallet. However, missing flyers, that will solve that specific issue. People within the neighborhood are able to connect with others in order to help each other in need.  Therefore, we must make sure to bring awareness to the loss of possessions through missing flyers. 

As we walk around New York City, we see many business companies in need of employees. To spread awareness about their goals and missions, they send out flyers looking for staff members. It is important to pay attention to these flyers as it is one way to job hunt. Thus, recruitment flyers are helping both parties. Compared to listing online, flyer printing is one of the most cost-efficient ways in promoting one’s market. Though, one may perceive flyers compared to the Internet will be less effective, it is not. According to the BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study, found that 74 percent of all grocery shoppers prefer print flyers over digital flyers – a telling statistic for any business that wants to increase sales. However, one may notice that a recruitment flyer on one street may not be the same on the opposite side of the street. While both signs indicate that a company is hiring, a difference that may be noticed between these two flyers are the job requirements, the design, the company, the company’s goal. There are many differences between different companies. By recognizing the importance of these flyers, we can offer jobs to people in need. 

In modern society, politics is an important topic being discussed in America, especially during these times. Left-wingers and right-wingers want to advocate their side by presenting information on their representative’s goals. As a result, political campaign flyers will influence future supporters. According to https://huglondon.com/insights/the-power-of-print-in-a-digital-world, “Although the internet is a great tool to reach out, 70% of people are more likely to remember a brand they see in print than online. One reason for this could be our diminished attention span when we are viewing a screen. 

Today, your campaign needs to be the right blend of online and offline efforts.”These flyers are important for people to recognize their future leaders. Americans should have a right to learn about the goals of political leaders with accessible information. .Political campaigns not only exist in the upper level of society but in the streets of any corner. 

Each year, online flyers are increasingly becoming more popular as opposed to offline flyers. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), “social media plays a big role in teen culture today. Surveys show that ninety percent of teens ages 13-17 have used social media.” Online flyers provide more information and are more accessible. We can see different statistics of companies and political campaigns. Even better, due to search engines browsers are able to recommend a user based on their activity on social media. For instance, users are able to view online job flyers based on their interests. As opposed to walking into a company and asking for the company’s details there is a web page that gives all the information at hand. It is important for people walking on the street to pull out their mobile phones and view public information around their neighborhood. 

Overall, obtaining knowledge of our streets plays a significant factor in accessing information. By using missing posters as they are intended, we can return loss/stolen goods to the rightful owner. Recruitment flyers can prevent an increase in the homeless. Providing information on our political leaders will provide important information to the people who are unaware. Lastly, online flyers are free easily accessible information by the touch of a finger. 

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