The Present and The Future

Initially when hearing about the Community Service Project, I had sour feelings toward the whole notion.  I was not a very big advocate on something that is some-what self explanatory, and ultimately volunteering with compassion—community service.  However, after a few weeks of a little research and determination, added with a tad encouragement, I am where I am today.  I am a successful college student on the way to becoming a Financial Engineer, while maintaining the bonds of friendship with students and faculty.

My participation in the Community Service Project was something of great value.  It made me realize a lot of things that weren’t initially there.  One of the most significant aspects was drawing help and advice from faculty and staff.  This was not only in the realm of this project, but rather in every aspect of my college career, including classes.  Whether it was in selecting a major, a minor, what clubs to go to, and simply advice of personal matters, people were there for me.  This ranged from the math department, and the way to the student health center.  What I eventually acknowledged was the fact that in this world, it is tough to survive alone; one needs the help of many to achieve greatest, and even an optimistic outlook on life.

I have used many resources throughout Baruch College, in addition to finding information about clubs, and even joining one!  I had utilized the STARR center for advisement of internships and jobs for the future.  I had also visited the Weismann department and the honors program department to inquire about classes and certain requirements.  I had partaken in a thorough search for the right club for me.  Eventually, I had joined the Actuarial Science Society, in regard to joining the Actuary field and passing the required tests.  I had also attempted to join a fraternity, which wasn’t as successful as I had planned, but nevertheless a good experience.

The combination of all these resources has very much added to my overall perception of the college life.  I am now optimistic about my future as an adult and as a college student.  In the realm of community service, this project has definitely done very much to enhance my perspective.  I was always a lobbyist of Community Service, but through this project, I can see another view-one of actual communal unity and assistance.  I am able to use my newfound knowledge and pass it along to the future generations of Baruch students and people everywhere-a very proud and prideful knowledge!

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Me, Myself, and My…Community!

Community Service is a concept that has been circulated within numerous generations, thousands of years, and varied societies.  Through time, the very notion of giving service to the surrounding community has not perished, and continues to flourish.

The role as a Baruch Scholar is truly a privilege and a pleasure.  The responsibilities are many, yet the most enjoyable and honorable aspect is the community service.  I believe that it is essential to give thanks to your community through a variety of services, such as helping the elderly, the young, the disabled and even assisting the environment as a whole.  As an honor student, I can try to give the most to my community, and most importantly, I should influence and inspire people around me, and fellow colleagues to do the same.  Even in the local aspect of things (Baruch College), I can try to promote the idea of community service within my school, and classes.  Everyone should be undoubtedly aware of the positives of community service, and I should be willing to enhance that very action.

In perspective, the work that I do toward my community is the outcome of what the Honors Program has taught and inspired me to do.  Through community service, I can ultimately learn certain unique leadership skills, where I probably could not have learned elsewhere.  In addition, the focus of privilege and responsibility coincide within community service, and these are the things that the Honors Program promotes.  Honestly speaking, community service is something that should be done with an open, and kindhearted approach.  Doing it for the wrong reasons, equivalent to not doing the job at all.  I believe that the Honors Program at Baruch truly shows us that this is something of real value, and nobility, and I have most defiantly embraced that, and will continue to embrace that in years to come.

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My Menifest Destiny

As I look at a photo album of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, I finally realize who I am.  I am the embodiment of European tradition.  I am the offspring of my mother and father. I am the American Dream!

The experiences of an individual tell a lot about where he or she has been, as well as depict a story of that persons life.  In reality, experiences are what make us human beings.  It would be very challenging telling an audience about who I am, because the question in its core, is ambiguous.  What I can state, is a few of my most valued experiences, ones that shaped the way I perceive life to this day.

I emigrated from Belarus in November of 1992.  My family having nothing but a wallet full of hope, moved to New York, for my brother and I to fulfill our family’s and our own destiny’s: to become successful and make our people proud.  One day, my brother and I would become the American Dream, something my mother and father had always aspired to.  The very journey of emigrating is one of true struggle and obstacles.  I have nostalgic feelings toward my homeland, but I acknowledge the fact that I am, indeed, an American.  Years later, when I was gratefully able to volunteer at the Naturalization Office, I was able to share my experiences with senior émigrés, studying for their exam.  Looking into the eyes of my fellow Russian people, being able to amalgamate our worlds, we can to an understanding of each other.  The stories and journeys we shared, despite coming from different generations was something remarkable.  Combined, both experiences have taught me one thing: always strive for the best, and never forget where you came from.

Currently, as a student of Baruch College, in the city of New York, I do not know what to expect.  The future is bright, and I know that for a fact.  All I can do is aspire to the highest point, and hope I will succeed.  I want achieve a degree that my parents were not able to receive as middle-aged immigrants.  I’m hoping to spread the knowledge of my culture to as many people as I can.  I am well aware that my first semester at Baruch College will be one filled with labyrinth like obstacles, but with the help of my family, and my own personal drive and determination, I know I can accomplish great things!

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