The Present and The Future

Initially when hearing about the Community Service Project, I had sour feelings toward the whole notion.  I was not a very big advocate on something that is some-what self explanatory, and ultimately volunteering with compassion—community service.  However, after a few weeks of a little research and determination, added with a tad encouragement, I am where I am today.  I am a successful college student on the way to becoming a Financial Engineer, while maintaining the bonds of friendship with students and faculty.

My participation in the Community Service Project was something of great value.  It made me realize a lot of things that weren’t initially there.  One of the most significant aspects was drawing help and advice from faculty and staff.  This was not only in the realm of this project, but rather in every aspect of my college career, including classes.  Whether it was in selecting a major, a minor, what clubs to go to, and simply advice of personal matters, people were there for me.  This ranged from the math department, and the way to the student health center.  What I eventually acknowledged was the fact that in this world, it is tough to survive alone; one needs the help of many to achieve greatest, and even an optimistic outlook on life.

I have used many resources throughout Baruch College, in addition to finding information about clubs, and even joining one!  I had utilized the STARR center for advisement of internships and jobs for the future.  I had also visited the Weismann department and the honors program department to inquire about classes and certain requirements.  I had partaken in a thorough search for the right club for me.  Eventually, I had joined the Actuarial Science Society, in regard to joining the Actuary field and passing the required tests.  I had also attempted to join a fraternity, which wasn’t as successful as I had planned, but nevertheless a good experience.

The combination of all these resources has very much added to my overall perception of the college life.  I am now optimistic about my future as an adult and as a college student.  In the realm of community service, this project has definitely done very much to enhance my perspective.  I was always a lobbyist of Community Service, but through this project, I can see another view-one of actual communal unity and assistance.  I am able to use my newfound knowledge and pass it along to the future generations of Baruch students and people everywhere-a very proud and prideful knowledge!

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