The William Lowell Putnam mathematical competition, organized by the Mathematical Association of America, is one of the toughest and oldest mathematics competitions in the US and Canada, as well as the largest.
Baruch’s team did well, ranking 170th out of 427 institutions taking part in the 82nd Putnam competition in December 2021. Team members were Danyil Blyschak, Devon Lall, and Jean Pulla.


photo of Danyil Blyschak
Danyil Blyschak, winner of first Victor Istratov Prize
Blyschak will be the first recipient of the Victor Istratov Prize to recognize his achievement as Baruch’s top Putnam scorer. This prize will be given annually. Read more about the competition here.
Baruch students interested in future Putnam competitions should email Professor Pablo Soberón at Pablo.soberon Participation is free.