Professor John Wahlert, chairman of the Department of Natural Sciences, received this note of thanks from former student Hanen Yan, now an MD who’s starting a career in emergency medicine at Brooklyn’s Wyckoff Hospital.

Yan recalled meeting Wahlert when he was researching pre-med programs. “It was such a scary time in my life,” he said. “But you assured me that Baruch’s science department was really good, and I took your words with blind faith since you were so nice and welcoming. The Department of Natural Sciences really helped set the foundation and prepared me for the hardships of medical school. Part of my success during my pre-med days was due to the supportive atmosphere of the faculty and students. To this day, my foundational classes in biology, chemistry, physics, and microbiology are applicable to my daily life. Thank you so much for developing such an outstanding program and helping nurture all the students who have gone through the program.”


Since 2011, Baruch students have a first-time acceptance rate of 68% to medical and dental schools.  The national average is below 50%.  Baruch’s dedicated professors and small class sizes allows faculty to get to know the students well, and helps students form relationships with peers and professors that supports them in their coursework and goals.