Study Abroad on a Scholarship?

The Weissman Center for International Business at Baruch specializes in assisting students with their goals to study abroad. With us, the process is made easier simply by crossing the plaza and speaking to a study abroad advisor. It is no wonder that students everywhere are drawn to the idea of studying abroad, as it provides students with an amazing experience that combines culture, self-growth, and academics. But four bright Baruch students were lucky enough to get that opportunity and more! Students Nora Hristova ‘16, Jonathan Morales, Pamela Ozga ‘17, and Ruth Laryea-Walker ’16 were all awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarship to study abroad for the fall 2015 semester. Nora received $3,500 and Jonathan was awarded $3,000, while Pamela and Ruth each received $2,500.

Dr. Richard Mitten, the director of study abroad at the Weissman Center said, “The whole purpose of an exchange program is to give students the most cost-effective per credit opportunity to study abroad.” In doing so, the center looks for scholarships and opportunities to make the experience possible for more students. While many may think they can’t afford to study abroad, the Weissman Center always has opportunities to make the experience as affordable as possible.

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Becoming a Student Superhero

Images by Yelena Melnichenko

As college students, we are usually familiar with study abroad programs- you pay the tuition fees, but go to class in Argentina instead of the 23rd street building. But an aspect of the “abroad” experience that may not be as familiar is the Work Abroad program offered at Baruch. So, in order to learn more, students recently attended the Work Abroad Fair held right here on campus. A variety of students found out what the program has to offer by speaking to experts in the matter who are ready to answer questions and de-bunk any Work Abroad myths.

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“Students that attended the fair want to improve their resumes and experience new things,” said Sarah Demetz of the Weissman Center for International Business, “they understand how working abroad can change their lives.” Sarah is the work abroad coordinator and a firsthand witness to how meaningful and beneficial it is for students. “In today’s society, any career is an international career, and participating in these programs provides students with experience into this international market,” said Demetz.

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 There are various companies that work with the center that see the advantages in hiring students from all majors- finance, marketing, technical and educational fields (just to name a few). Work abroad experience is a fantastic thing to put on your resume. It sets you apart from the average student, making you a super contender to employees. And with various job opportunities available and a variety of countries to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Whether you work abroad during your winter or summer break, for 4 weeks or 3 months, the benefits outlast the length of time you travel. In fact, students have memorable experiences due to the fact that they don’t go as tourists; they work and interact with the people daily- truly immersing them in the culture. This type of hands on experience is a life-changing experience that’s not only beneficial to your career but also your self-development.

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Are you ready to discover your super powers and work abroad? If so, swing by the Weissman Center for International Business located at 137 E. 25th Street on the 8th floor and make an appointment with Sarah Demetz.

Be on the lookout for the Weissman Center’s many fairs and events, and come see what else we have to offer; from Study Abroad to the Internship Program, we have something for everyone.