General Tips for Students

  • Students should consider getting IDNYC cards, which are New York City-issued photo ID cards. They are available to everyone, including undocumented immigrants, and are a valid and widely-accepted former of identification in New York. Furthermore, the mayor has promised that not only is the IDNYC database safe, but that city officials will all the names on it if Homeland Security attempts to obtain them. (As an added benefit, admission to many cultural attractions is free for card holders for the first year after they get IDNYC). To apply, visit the IDNYC website. HOWEVER: Two Assembly members have successfully convinced a judge to stop the city from destroying IDNYC data, at least for now. This may change, but if you are considering an IDNYC, make sure to follow this developing story.
  • Try to clear up any legal problems you have as soon as possible, including outstanding warrants and even parking tickets. The Supreme Court has ruled that police can search you and your car if you have an outstanding bench warrant. Courts will issue bench warrants if you have too many outstanding parking tickets.
  • Are you an immigrant? The ACLU has put together a website to help you understand what rights you have.
  • CUNY’s Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute is offering a limited number of grants to current DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients who need financial assistance to renew their DACA status.
  • Some useful advice for students and educators from the website My Undocumented Life.
  • Post-election “talking points” about the status of DACA and other programs, from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.
  • Know Your Rights. From the National Immigration Law Center, with translations available in Spanish and Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  • Know Your Rights flyers from the Immigrant Defense Project (multiple languages).
  • Scholarships available to undocumented students. From United We Dream. Similar opportunities from the New York Immigration Coalition.
  • Some immigration experts, including staff at City College, have advised Dreamers and immigrants with DACA status to make sure they return to the United States from any travels abroad by Inauguration Day (January 20, 2017) in case the president-elect immediately rescinds protections that President Obama extended during his administration. For more details, see this news story from Talking Points Memo.

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