Taking Action

Many students and other New Yorkers are interested in how they can take action after the election. Here are a few ways:

  • Call your representatives and senators. This tends to work better than sending emails or posting on Facebook, according to a recent article about how to make elected officials pay attention to your views. Contact information for all New York City congresspeople and New York State’s two senators is here. Don’t know who represents you? Click here. Live outside New York? Click here.
  • Since the election, a growing number of New Yorkers have reported harassment while attempting to commute.┬áKayla Santosuosso at the Arab American Association of New York has created an online form for those New Yorkers who either need someone to accompany them on their commute or people willing to be the commute companion. To sign up, or if you need a commute companion, visit this page.

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