Patrick Nagatani and Andree Tracey, 34th & Chambers, 1985

Patrick Nagatani (1945-2017) and Andrée Tracey (1948)

34th & Chambers


87 1/2” x 178 3/4” overall

Four Polaroid polacolor ER photographs

Purchased from Jayne Baum Gallery


What do you picture when you hear “New York City subway station?” 34th & Chambers by Patrick Nagatani and Andrée Tracey depicts the busy daily life of New Yorkers. The artwork consists of four large photographs that create one big connected piece. In this 87 and 1/2 by 178 tall and 3/4 inches wide artwork, 34 Street station in 1980s is packed with passengers in the subway and on the platform. Each person in the bustling crowd on the platform looks so different from one another. However, most people are looking to the right side, where the red colored objects are floating in the air. There are cans, spray bottles, cups, newspapers, a burger and fries, a hat, and even pretzels. What could have made all these items fly around the busy station? The subway train is covered in graffiti scribbles. If you look closely, you can spot the train line right behind a pillar on the center. On the opposite side platform, people are tilted towards the left as if there is a strong wind coming from the right. We can suspect that the wind is caused by the subway leaving the station. Also, there is a sign for the exit, left arrow to 34 St and right arrow to 33 St, Penn.


Written and audio by Dasom Sohn

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