Response 5

In“Joyas Voladoras”, Doyle mainly talks about hummingbird’s heart. Like any other animals, hummingbirds have a powerful heart and a complex physiological system to support their daily activities and flight requirements. The author mentions not only the heart of hummingbird but also the heart of other animals, such as blue whales, turtles and even human. After reading this essay, l am puzzle what does the author mean by the last paragraph? What does he try to say? Is he try to compare human hearts to animal’s hearts?

In“Joyas Voladoras”, the most striking feature is “So much held in a heart in a lifetime. So much held in a heart in a day, an hour, a moment”(Paragraph 6). This is such a beautiful sentence. I feel like the author is reminding people, how precious and amazing our life is and how powerful a heart can be. Heart is not just an organ in our body. It is connect to one’s emotion, memory and experiences.




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