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Lend a Helping Hand!

Help!! Everyone needs a helping hand whether it is your local school, nursing home, or library. Volunteers are welcomed with open arms. Help is always appreciated. Devote as little as an hour or two each week to organizations that benefit your community. Community service brings local residents together with a common purpose. This purpose is to help those in need. These residents willingly devote their free time to help others. This selfless act of kindness is appreciated by everyone.

Volleyball Camp (picture from Herald Youth Center's website)

Chinatown provides a range of community service opportunities to people of all ages. The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center has a Youth Volunteer Program that gives young adults a valuable working experience. This is a health center whose purpose is to provide the Asian American community with affordable health care. The Herald Youth Center based in Chinatown has many volunteer opportunities throughout the year ranging from mentoring little kids to being a volleyball camp couch. Local New York Public Libraries and police stations are always looking for volunteers.

Transfiguration Kindergarten School

Transfiguration Kindergarten School (Kids outside in the playground)

Chinatown is a neighborhood rich in public and catholic schools. Schools are often in need of a helping hand. Transfiguration Kindergarten School is a small school always happy to accept volunteers. Charles Kan who volunteered in the school for three years enjoyed the experience he had working with the teachers. “I volunteered because I needed community service hours for school. However, it was great! I loved working with the teachers and helping out with the kids. This is why I kept coming back,” he said.

Transfiguration Kindergarten School

Transfiguration Kindergarten School (aerial view of the playground)

The Mayors Volunteer Center of NYC is a fantastic way for residents to look for local volunteer opportunities in their neighborhood. Help your community out by doing community service. http://www.nyc.gov/html/mvc/html/home/home.shtml

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