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Local Museum on the Rise

The state of the art and industrial design of the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) scream SoHo.   However, the three red lanterns, and the string of Christmas lights that hang in the museum window makes MOCA seem a little more rugged, a little eclectic, and a little more like Chinatown. The Museum of Chinese […]

You Have Herpes. Now What?

At lunch, a teenager on the cusp of adulthood listens to her friends talk about sex and contraceptives, keeping quiet since she doesn’t know anything about those subjects.  In sexual education class, she learns about sex, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, abstinence, and contraceptives.  At home, her mind is spinning with unanswered questions, but she […]

A Jewel in Chinatown

A faded jade green sign with mustard yellow letters Don Enterprises hangs above a store window in Chinatown, a remnant of a time passed.  Presently,  an emerald green awning hangs gallantly under the Don Enterprises sign, with the name Pearl of the Orient.  The store window of Pearl of the Orient is decorated with a […]

Made in Chinatown

Imagine this.  A family of three sits around their dinner table talking about their days. The father complains of back pains from doing heavy lifting.  The mother moans about having to wake up at 4 a.m. every morning to go to work pulling twelve hour shifts.  The son sits silently eating his dinner, while his […]

Chinatown Neighborhood Backgrounder

Chinatown is a neighborhood in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which is filled with historical and cultural significance.  Chinatown is one of the few neighborhoods in Manhattan that is home to both residents and an abundance of commercial businesses.  When people use to think of Chinatown they thought of it as a place for […]

Chinatown NYC

When people think of Chinatown a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, they automatically think of the street peddlers selling knock-off designer handbags.  Very seldom do people actually take their time to learn of the history of Chinatown, and all the treasures that it has to offer such as Kam Hing Bakery on Baxter Street, to the […]

The Fight for Affordable Housing

Gone are many of the old historic buildings in Chinatown, replaced by modern high rise condos. These sleek new apartment buildings stand out sharply against the streets. The condos are seemingly out of place with their glass doors, studio lighting, and security cameras. It is a sharp contrast to the old buildings surrounding them. The […]

A Helping Hand at Every Corner

Plain, simple, and old best describes the building that houses the organization American Asian for Equality. From the outside, it looks like a rundown building. There is a small main entrance which makes the office look dreary and unwelcome to visitors. Inside the offices, not much is different as the décor is plain and simple. […]

The Face Behind Costume Jewelry

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Diamonds, gems, and sapphires, what more can women ask for. However, in reality this is not what most women can afford. Instead, they turn to costume jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pins are sold in stores and stands outside on the streets. This is what the average American woman […]

How Far Will They Go

The current state of the economy is affecting people from all areas of life, even for those people who have jobs. “I just took a pay cut at work recently. There was nothing I could have done. It was either I took a pay cut or someone else would get fired. I would not want […]

Lend a Helping Hand!

Help!! Everyone needs a helping hand whether it is your local school, nursing home, or library. Volunteers are welcomed with open arms. Help is always appreciated. Devote as little as an hour or two each week to organizations that benefit your community. Community service brings local residents together with a common purpose. This purpose is […]

Behind the Glory of Chinatown Are Failing Businesses

As you take a walk through Chinatown you hear the endless chatter of people talking in Chinese. You see residents rush past tourists who are walking too slow for their liking. You smell the roast duck and pork hanging in the window of the restaurant nearby. This is Chinatown. In the heart of Chinatown are […]

New Charges for Senior’s Meal Plan

The Salvation Army’s senior program faced a $15 price rise in its monthly food plan for senior citizens this past October, according to an employee. The Salvation Army, located on 225 Bowery, has a small section to the left of the information desk, where the senior program is held daily. Walking down the long hallway towards […]


A lack of interest in the presidential election is the main reason people have decided not to vote, said a local gym member. A 20-year-old member at the YMCA on Houston Street, Danny Zhou, said, “I rather spend my time doing something productive than to spend my time having to keep up with the election.” […]

Chinatown Jobs Hard To Come By

A summer youth employment program in Chinatown was overwhelmed with applicants and was forced to turn away hundreds of young people looking for work. More than 1,800 applicants, mainly Asian Americans, applied to the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), its officials said.  Due to the limited amount of slots available, only about 1,000 of the applicants […]