Stonewall – Greenwich Village Map


The above is a link 🙂

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  1. JSylvor says:

    Scarlette, I am guessing that creating this map was more difficult than one can tell simply by looking at it. I don’t know exactly what steps you took to create it, but you did a nice, but somewhat limited job. It might have been interesting to try to create a more interactive element with the map. For example, you identify important locations by name only. What if I could click on the name and read a description of the location and its importance? Or what if you situated the map in relation to other NY landmarks, so that people looking at the map would have a better sense of where this neighborhood is? Or what if you added more photographs to give the map more visual interest? These are just ideas, of course. I think what you’ve provided is clear and well-executed. I’m just wondering what could make it more interesting and dynamic. Thanks for your hard work!

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