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This blog was created for the creative re-mix. However, I hope to actually create something like this with the help of powerful people in the future.

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Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Posters

malcolm x poster

These posters represent what campaign advertisement would look like if Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. were civil rights leaders today.

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Stonewall – Greenwich Village Map


The above is a link 🙂

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creative remix- stop human trafficking



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NYC and Water | Daniella Ospina

New York City supplies it’s residents with over 1.2 billion gallons of water a day but that’s not what caught my attention. I first became interested in the water/sewer system because of the story on the Osborn Association and their green/blue roof installation. I saw that there was far more beyond just roof installations but steel flood gates, climate change task forces, and renovation plans. I learned that the water system of New York City is not only dependent on the civilians, but weather as well. With weather, we must take into account climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest faces of fear to the water system and the city itself. Due to factors such as drought, flooding, and sea level rises, the City must take it upon themselves to enact change. There are things that New Yorkers can control when it comes to climate change, such as voting, controlling water usage and keeping up on things that affect them the most.

So when you leave the water running longer than needed, keep the ancient Chinese proverb in mind:

“When you drink the water, remember the spring.”

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Minimum wage poem

Minimum wage

It’s what the state wants

Not your friend in chipotle

Or family members restaurant

Doesn’t need a war

Both sides can win

No one works together

Just one putting the other in a cage


Minimum wage

Tugging and pulling

Both employees and employers

Which one does the government favor

Both sides wait as the gov takes the stage


Minimum wage

Working under the blissing heat

Keeping a smile for the repulsive customers

Bringing the food over

Just to get yelled at

Sent back

And I go back

My child has to be fed

Will $15 an hour come of age


Minimum wage

My business barely makes ends meet

And the people want more than I can give

I have to send money to my mother back home

I don’t think she can live


She’s had cancer for a year

My business is her life system

15 an hour?

Thinking of the effects just bring my fear

I have to shut this place down if I want my mother to survive


2 weeks later

“my name is john ill be your waiter today “


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NYC ReMIX Goetz Poem – Edgar Castillo

I was savagely beaten and mugged in the hands of pests
I was bludgeoned with fists and now I extremely detest
What did you think happened?
Think there was any resolve by the police?
Or maybe they even rendered the man free who ruined my self esteem
But don’t feel bad for me
While in Florida Uncle Sam gave me a pass to seek, yes seek, justice for those who have hurt me
It took time, that it did
I had a great time yes, that I did

While sitting in the subway
There were a couple of young pests who seem to have been led astray by those who feel nothing but detest
I can see it even before they speak
I can see just from their eyes
That these PESTS whom, unfamiliar of my superiority spoke to me with contempt
They pleaded saying they needed some cash
I, of course just said that I didn’t have any money and that shouldn’t been it, right?
In an instant it they aggressively told me to give them my money
They believed they were intimidating me with their raised voices but little did they know I was happy
Happy that three years have passed and I finally can exact my revenge
I even think he might’ve been ruffling through his pockets
So I stared them and replied, you can all have it
I then unloaded my gun as much as I saw fit

Everyone loves me
From the neighborhood dog to the veteran who lives across the street
Oh strong strong strong little ol’ me
They tried to put me on charges but what are fans if they cannot set me free?
Crime rate is down, Morality is up
Is this the result of having some pest being paralyzed everywhere but the waist up?
Well who cares?
It was only self defense
And even so, who better to get off with a lesser charge than me, Bernhard Goetz?

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A NYC chronicle

I woke up this morning to sound of salsa playing in the distance while dogs barked from my apartment next door. People yelling and arguing on the sidewalk.Some might find it hard to sleep with all this chaos going on outside but I find it soothing. I went to summer camp one year and I found the quietness of the woods to be unbearable. I wake up and get ready for school as I do every morning. I play Meek Mill and Dave east while I get ready every morning there isn’t a word of there songs I don’t know. I play a little Lauryn Hill she reminds me of my mom. I don’t tell my friends this though because I don’t want them to think I’m soft so this stays between me and you.
When I step out I run into Tido. He’s one of 8 kids they a live across the hallway. He’s the only one I’m closest to though. He ain’t have a book bag on this morning and I asked if he was going to school he told me he was going to make money instead. He asked if I wanted to join but my mom would beat me up if one the neighbors told her I was out with Tido instead of being in school.
I punched the button for the elevator while I joked around with Tido. After 10 minutes of waiting he finally tells me that elevator isn’t working. I asked why he didn’t tell me he said he didn’t want me to leave that he’d be bored. He told me to stay because I was already late to school. I told him I couldn’t stay I had a math test. He looked at me disapprovingly and said go be boring then.
On my way down the steps I ran because it was true I had math test. Ms. Perez told us we couldn’t retake it. If we missed class it was our fault. I grew anxious and started running that’s when I ran to Julio who were smoking in the with Zae. They said wassup and asked me if I wanted to join. I told them I couldn’t that I had a test. They reminded me that if I smoked I’d concentrate better. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity so I started to smoke. I grew disappointed because I realized neither Zae or Julio were going to school and we all were in the same grade. I realized that they hardly ever left this building just like Tido never did. And I started to get sad because they deserved better. Tido deserves to live better not with 8 other people in a small apartment. Not selling drugs at the age of 15. Zae and Julio deserved better they were our projects star basketball players, with a scholarship who knows what NBA team they could be in. But instead they’re hear smoking weed in the staircases talking about shoes that we could never afford and clothes we could never get. Making false promises about going to school tomorrow knowing damn well we’d be here tomorrow.
Honest to god I wanted to go to school today. Today was going to be the day. But the elevator wasn’t working and it already made me 15 minutes late. And Julio and Zae offered a blunt I couldn’t pass up. And these two together are the funniest duo they made the sad go away. I know when the high wears off I’ll make another promise to go to school tomorrow and pray I step out these projects.

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Our New Home, Our New Prison

We are located uptown in Manhattan,

A small neighborhood that we brought life to.

Our food, music, and people have been the heart of the community for years since Trujillo.

We try to re-create our country, making sure here we do  feel safe sharing love for each other.

They say our streets are full of crime,

And hate against each other,

But what they don’t see is the love we have for one another.

Outsiders come, trying to push us against each other,

But at the end of the day we know we only have one another.

Our culture keeps us united even when back home that was not enough.

Our country is corrupted, we try to run away from home.

Washington Heights is the second Dominican Republic,

The place where many once escaped from crime back in our native country.

All the ones that came brought with them our culture,

Helping us each day wake up like we are welcomed.

Once we are out of our streets, we stop feeling welcomed,

It is a joy for us to be trapped uptown with the ones that look like us.

Some try to go back home, where they think they will find love,

But they end up being killed by the ones they love.

The ones that stay in our little Dominican Republic feel safer here than in the nation that gave birth to us, that is why we try to create a replica of our homes.

Our small neighborhood has given birth to stars,

Some like  Manny Ramirez, Arod, and even Lin Manuel Miranda.

People try to take those that make it as a role model, knowing that working hard

You can get there adding a little bit of luck to that.

We enjoy our music, food, religion, customs, and movies because at the end of the day, we are the only hope of our country in the exterior.

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