Playstation Theater – Trip Report

On Sunday April 15,  I was given the opportunity to work at a show at the Playstation Theater. I work under the Cleaver Co. as a waiter in their catering division. The company was scheduled to cater the Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards is a show that honors social media influencers across most platforms. These platforms include Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and more. My call time was 11AM. I woke up at 7AM because I was nervous about being late. I got ready and waited for my dad to pick me up. He knew where the theater was located and I did not so we agreed to go together. We got off the train and arrived at the theater around 10:30 AM. When I arrived to the theater I had to empty my pockets and give the security guard my backpack so that he could be inspect it. I signed in. I wrote down my name, time of arrival and scribbled gibberish in the position column. The security guard gave me directions to where my company was located. I only got that I had to go down the stairs and nodded as a sign of my “understanding”. The theater was dark and didn’t seem too exciting, it was sort of a letdown for me. I was expecting the theater to be grand and extravagant. After signing in I walked down the stairs since the escalators were not on at that time. When I get to the bottom I turn around and begin to walk until I am met with a split path. I continue to walk the path in front of me but then find myself with two suspicious looking doors. I decide to turn around and circle around the split path section. I walk again to the end of the suspicious doors but immediately go back to where the path splits again. When I went back I decided to ask someone for help. I asked this stocky looking man if he had any idea where I could find the Cleaver Co. and his response was no. I then looked around in frustration and walked to the door which led to a stage. I went back again and decided to ask a lady. She turned around and immediately answered my question. She was clear in her instruction. She told me to walk to the end of the suspicious looking doors past the freight elevators and then to make a right. I did as I was told and was relieved to have spotted my supervisor. (Attached is a link with a map of my complicated journey.) split path

My supervisor gave me a tour of the entire floor and introduced me to another supervisor for the event. I was ready to learn and to make zero mistakes. I was greeted with a warm smile and then quickly bombarded with information on the table set up. The event was going to be set in a family style dinner. I was verbally told the dimensions of each of the tables on three individual floors. The main floor had 60 inch tables, the mezzanine 54 inches in diameter and the balcony 50 inches. The tables first needed to be covered with styrofoam liners so as to prevent the tablecloth from slipping. Then the cloth was to be placed with a seam facing front. After that it was time to set the table. The table was set with a dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, plate, napkin, wine glass, and then lastly water glass. Before the napkins could be placed they had to be folded. Approximately 500 napkins were needed. I and six other people folded napkins for two hours straight. After folding all of the waiters were called to a pre-meeting and were told to change. I was already dressed in all black so I did not need to change. We placed our items in a coat check room and were then given a company meal. I ate herb grilled chicken with tapenade pasta and pita bread. Around 4PM after our meal we were called to the general meeting and told which groups we belonged to and what our duties were. I was assigned hor d’oeuvres, team P-A. When the time came I had to memorize the names of five of the appetizers being served. It was 5PM and time to serve and I was indifferent but also a little nervous. I had a good time passing through the crowd until it got unbearably full. The only people who made my night were this couple that always grabbed three hor d’oeuvres at a time and Keke Palmer who was funny and extremely humble. I urged her to take three of the mini pot pies. I served the Backpack Kid however, it was after the event that I realized who he was.

After serving hors d’oeuvres my feet were really sore. I took a folding chair, opened it and sat on it. I contemplated life and imagined doing exactly what I did today for the rest of my life. I got really scared opened my eyes. I thought about school, my family and friends. Although some of the people who I served were generally nice some of them were not and that stuck with me. It reminded me of an article I read about amusement park mascots. People would think it acceptable to disrespect them, to hit them and ridicule them just because they could not see the person behind the costume. I felt like my uniform was also an agent that represented my position among the members of the party. The rest of night went by quickly and I was sent home early. I appreciated my experience and was glad I learned something from it. I learned that I did not want to work like that for the rest of my life and that I wanted to find a passion to pursue. This day motivated me to become better not only for my own sake and then for the sake of the ones I love. Hopefully this motivation last enough to get me through the semester. Thank you for reading until the end.


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Field report-

Johanny Sanchez Landron

New York is known for its fabulous cuisine. This is one place in the world where you can get a dollar slice pizza walk a couple blocks and find one that cost up to 6.50. With so many options at any price range the places to dine in new york are endless. Every year for my birthday I try to find a new restaurant. This year for my birthday I decided to attend a different area. I usually go to dyckman or somewhere in upper Manhattan. I decided that it would be pointless for me to go to the same areas I normally do. My uncle always said if you visited a new restaurant every day in New York it would take you more than a couple of years. That being said I wanted to broaden my horizons and try what New York has to offer.
This year on my birthday I decided to go to a restaurant named vandals. I had previously heard of it and had seen there infamous bunny on everyone’s Instagram. The bunny is a dope sculpture in which it is turned over upside down. It’s is purple with contrast of a black and white background. As soon as you get to the restaurant there is a group of people crowding around the bunny. Everyone waiting for a chance to get their picture. Taking a picture with this bunny proves that you actually attended vandals. If you don’t have that picture don’t even bother mentioning you’ve been there. As soon as you arrive the music is on point. They played every song that is hot at the moment. It had a great ambience. There was a club next door where the music transfers into the restaurant which kinda gives it a club feel.
When I got there I realized by the sign it’s actually called vandal instead of vandals. I looked this word up and found that it meant someone who deliberately destroys private property. This goes with the theme of the restaurant because the art is pretty chaotic. It resembles street style graffiti art. The colors are vibrant and contrast well with the dark lighting of the restaurant. It is located in soho on browrey street. It’s a perfect location for this restaurant . With all artistic people that live in this area this the perfect place for them to congregate.
When we got there we got seated and immediately we looked into the menu there were New York inspired entrees and main dishes. All while we sang along to cardi b songs. When the food arrived we weren’t surprised to see the small portions on our plate. It is surprising to see expensive restaurants give a lot of food. The prices of the plates equally matched that of an expensive restaurant. I got my own personal pizza as did the other girls. We were hungry and knew it be the only thing in the menu to fill us up.

All in all the restaurant was a pleasant experince. It was great backdrop for my birthday pictures. I highly suggest you check it out.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

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New York Minute

I chose to do my New York Minute on Baisley Pond Park. It is located in Queens. I choose this park because I Have been their many times. It is a very beautiful park. Their is many things that you can do while at this park. You can go kayaking, bike riding, skateboarding and many more. It is best to go during the summer because it is very beautiful at this time around and you can do many of these activities only during the summer. I have been going to this park for over 5 years. During the summer their are many family reunions that take place at this park. I think that is why I fell in love with this park. Every time I go to this park I am meeting up with my family that I have not seen in a while.

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broadway play: The bands visit- trip report

This Saturday I attended my first broadway play, “the Bands visit”, the play was about a band that went to the wrong city from where they were suppose to go to preform, in this town there is no hotels or buses going out for the rest of the night. the band had to stay with Dina (the restaurant owner) and with the families of her two workers. the play takes play in one night but during this night a lot happens, friendships form and so does relationships, Egyptians and Israelis find a way to overcome ethical boundaries through music, by helping each other with the smallest things like offering food to something big like helping them gain courage to speak with a girl and their common ways of acting . I have always wanted to attend a broadway play and I’m glad I finally had the chance to go to one. I was sitting at the mezzanine area and although the view was not the best because I’m short and tall people where sitting in from of me almost Half of the lower part off the stage was covered. I still managed to enjoy it.

I think watching a play in one of the broadways theater is a different experience than attending one in like a school or off-broadway. the feeling you get when watching a live performance will never compare to watching a movie, reading or listening to a play. being there in person allows you to experience not only your excitement but also others reactions. There was this one girl sitting behind me that had the best reactions to when something was funny or sad, she would laugh so loud that some make think its annoying and disturbing but at the same time seeing how much she was enjoying made the people around her feel the excitement too and everyone could relate as to why it was so funny. Also watching a live play can allow you to see mistakes or other things that you will to noticed if it was playing on a screen, this small details can give you more of an feeling as if you are actually part of the show and the actors make sure that they make their audience feel included, and I did I felt included I could feel and relate to the characters heart break and emotions. and there were some parts of the story line that other people might relate to, like this one character was struggling to talk to a girl he liked I felt as if we all experience that not being able to or not have the confidence of talking to the person you like and if or when you do you’re afraid to make a mistake so sometimes we stop being ourselves and all this the character was able to portray.

The play was better than I initially though it was gonna be, at the beginning I though it would be boring or something that did not suit my taste and I will fall sleep but instead the actors, the way they got so into their character and the atmosphere in the theater made it impossible for me to not put my full attention to the play because if I did not I though I would miss something that could be very important in the story line. although it was freezing in that theater and it sometimes made it hard to focused I still managed to pay attention to every details that was visible to me. overall the experience of watching something live has always given me a better experience than when I go see a movie, the feelings you get are indescribable and they are on a different level. I will recommend to people if you have not attended a live play or a concert to try to attend one sometime in your life, the experience will forever be one of the best things you can do. I will like to go see some of the other plays shown in broadway like Wicked or Frozen, but we will see because they can be expensive specially if I want to see from a better view than the mezzanine.

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New York minute

For my New York minute I chose a dead end spot around my neighborhood where I used to go to and just hang out with friends. This spot was surrounded by large houses and it was next to a train track although you weren’t able to go on the train tracks and there was a security guard that would drive around making sure that no one would try to go on the tracks. During the summer you could see people who would have picnics there because the scenery is beautiful and there weren’t many cars driving by there. I chose this place because I remember being filled with anxiety the day before my first day of high school and my friend brought me there in order to calm me down.

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New York Minute

I decided to do my New York minute on Washington square. I was over in the park the other day waiting to meet with a friend and as I was sitting there I noticed there was a lot going on at once. Singers performing in different parts of the park, someone making art on the floor with nothing but bags of powdered chalk by their side. Many people strolled through the park, whether it be tourists or young students. I’ve been to Washington square quite a few times but I think it’s a really great place to stop by if you’ve never been to it. Especially if you go in the summertime, there is a large fountain in the center of the park that gets turned on and keeps everyone cool during the hot summer days. Within the park there is many little green fields that you can sit at or have a picnic there. There’s also a dog park inside so if you have a dog of your own you’re more than welcome to go in there. The atmosphere of the park in general is very lively and you can always take a seat and people watch and just enjoy your surroundings. If you wanna check out Washington square it’s located over by West 4th st by NYU.

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The Art-A-Thon I decided to go to was the Flashmob with Dr. Aldemaro Romero. At first, I was confused about why the location said: “at the corner of 24th street and Lexington Avenue” and why it wasn’t being held in a classroom but then it made complete sense. As I walked out of the vertical campus building I was surprised to see a cameraman capturing the Samba dance, Professor Gisele Regatao was showing the audience. Professor Gisele, was in the moment and enjoying the, what it seemed like “Portuguese” music, and teaching step by step on how to dance this famous dance routine from Brazil. It was funny to see how people were trying to get these complicated steps in one try yet amazing how it attracted many races to give it a try. After trying to figure out the steps, I still couldn’t manage to get a complete small routine, it was too embarrassing I had to walk out and enjoyed the 3 professors dance and enjoy their Samba dance routine they had planned.

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The High Line- Trip Report

Throughout high school, I always saw what looked like the 7 train in Chelsea Manhattan.   As visible as this place was, I never bothered to go check it out. I was always curious to know why many people would take time to go up the stairs and take pictures of what looked like a train rail from the bottom. After doing research on the place I wanted to visit in New York, I decided to kill my curiosity and go visit “The High Line”, also known as, “ New York’s Park in the Sky.”

On Friday, I made my commute to “The High Line”. I was excited to see what the big deal was and finally feel some real spring weather. Of course, before visiting, I made sure what I was getting myself into.

“The High Line” is located on the west side of Manhattan and it runs from 14th street all the way through 34th street. Before this big infrastructure in the 1930’s, the railroad tracks ran down the west side waterfront taking goods to factories warehouses. The trains were dangerous and it was always crowded causing many accidents. It was so dangerous that 10th avenue was known as “ the death avenue.” When the High line was build in the 1930’s, trains would run through factory warehouse buildings carrying meat to the meatpacking industry. Now, what we know it as, “The Chelsea Market”. As years passed by, the use of railroads decreased and the High Line was taken over by nature. Since no one used it anymore, layers of soil build up and as years passed, the wilderness took over. Flowers, grass, sunflowers, trees, etc. were beginning to grow on the tracks. Many nearby property owners wanted to take down the High Line because of the waste of space it was taking up. As a result, in 1999, two residents, Robert Hammond and Joshua David started a non-profit group called “Friends of the High Line” in hopes of saving the High Line. After years of fighting, they managed to start the project and save a special place in New York’s history.

As I entered through the 14th street entrance I was amazed at how many people there were. I was not expecting to see so many people walking around and taking selfies with the amazing views the High line had to offer, but it made sense because of how nice the weather was. The first thing I noticed as I began to walk, was the floor. It reminded me a lot of a beach boardwalk but fancier. There were many trees near the entrance and although the trees were leafless it still had its unique presence that attracted tourists. There were many benches for pedestrians to sit and enjoy the moment with their families. After walking for about 10 minutes, I hit a construction site near one of the entrances on 23rd street. Many tourists were amazed at how the construction workers drilled a piece of metal through the concrete floor, they enjoyed the scene, laughing and conversing with random strangers that they ignored the real reason they came to the High Line.

There were also many people trying to hustle and sell their artwork and other stuff to the people that would walk by near them. In fact, one kid stopped me to buy candy off him. I gladly helped him with two dollars and continued on with the walk. I started thinking about how smart these people are coming to a place like the High Line and sell their stuff to tourist who are most likely to buy their stuff than an actual New Yorker.

As I continued my journey, I began to notice pieces of train rails in the middle of the

“boardwalk.” It was nice and engaging to think that there was once a train that passed through there roughly 88 years ago. Despite there being signs that prevented us from entering or touching the tracks, I acknowledged the ancient piece of artwork with my eyes. Continuing my walk, it impressed me how close the High Line was too nearby buildings. Many of them were apartments, it looked as if you can reach your hand out and touch it. It was so close that you could have jumped from the High Line to one of the apartments patio. Near there, one of the staff members were watering the grass that was slowly growing green.

When I got to the end the High Line, I was pleased with what I experienced. I definitely think it was worth the trip and worth the walk. I got to kill my curiosity and enjoy one of the many amazing places New York has to offer. I would really encourage you to go visit!



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Trip to the Chocolate Museum

I chose to go to the Jacques Torres Chocolate Museum because I had been hearing about it for a while. It is located in Manhattan on Hudson st. I never really made the time to go until this assignment. It gave me the encouragement that I needed to do something new. Originally I was going to go with one of my friends but I had to cancel because of things that I had going on at home. I ended up going with a couple of different friends that I need from before college. Most of us live in Long Island so we met up and went together while the others met us at the Museum.

I went with a total of five friends and my little brother, three boys and two girls. Two of the boys and one of the girls took the Long Island Railroad with me and my brother as we lived close to one another.  Before all of this we had to make a reservation online. We paid $15 each because there was no discount for college students and I did not look for discounts for my brother. The tour was approximately 30 minutes long and once we left the museum to go into the store we could not go back into the museum.

When we walked into the museum I was in awe because I wanted to visit it since I first heard about it. My friends were really supportive because they gave up their time on the weekend just to go with me. I thought it was very nice of them even though I told them about it the day before because I could not make it the first time. We were able to book our reservation and then planned to explore after we were finished.

We took the railroad all the way down to Penn Station and then took the 2 train to Houston St. It took us approximately 2 hours to get their because of the delays and us exploring the stores as we walked. We met up with the others at exactly 2:15 outside of the museum. This gave us enough time to make our 2:30 appointment tour.

The tour was very nice and informative. It told us how the Mayans invented chocolate and how they started to use it. We saw many artifacts that I myself thought were pretty cool. We got to taste a lot of chocolate which was my favorite part of the tour. In total we got to taste at least six different types of chocolate. I didn’t really like the dark chocolates but I loved the hot chocolate that we made. Their was also a bon bon demonstration that I thought was really good. The demonstration looked really interesting but I felt like it was missing something.

My only complaint is that some of the workers seem like they did not really want to be their and they were being forced to. I think that they should have been more enthusiastic or at least look like they were enjoying it a little. I think that this would have made the experience more interesting but maybe it was just the day we went that some of the workers were like that. Besides this I thought that the museum was very fun and exciting to experience for the first time. The store was very expensive but they had a recipe book for chocolate that I wanted to get but a lady got the last one before I could.

Normally I do not like going to museums but this is a museum that I would not mind going to again. We are definitely going to be going back here to try the chocolate making classes. These class only happens at certain times during the day though so we will have to go earlier. I think that overall this was a very wonderful and nice experience. I would defined recommend trying this one day if you guys ever have time.

When I was originally planning to go I was going to take the chocolate class and do the museum tour for $45 but I had to cancel. I was lucky I was waiting to make a reservation otherwise I would have lost $45 because it is non-refundable. Unfortunately we could not book the chocolate classes because we all wanted to go to the movies and exploring after. We are all going to be going back for this class towards the end of this month or next month.

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Trip to the Butterfly Conservatory – Atzin Salgado

During summer vacation growing up my mom would take us to museums and parks. Anywhere that was outside so that we wouldn’t be at home with the air conditioner turned on raising the electricity bill. Although I had been to the Museum of Natural History before either with my mother or on school trips I never realized that it had a butterfly conservatory. Getting to the Butterfly conservatory was a trip that I was familiar with.

I took the Q train from Beverly road to Times Square 42nd street Where I would transfer to the 2 train. I would then take the 2 train to 72nd street broadway, from 72nd street broadway I would walk to the museum which was approximately 10 minutes long. Overall I found the ride to the conservatory to be peaceful. The train stop at Beverly had a view that I enjoyed and the Q train went over the bridge while getting to manhattan, I also loved walking through central park in order to get to the Butterfly Conservatory. If I plugged my earphones in I was able to just drift into my thoughts as I watched the stops pass by. I loved nature and being outside, it was something that comforted me because my mother always wanted us to be out of the house.

After walking through central park in order to get to the Butterfly conservatory. I bought my tickets online and in total it came out to be around 23 dollars. I had been to the butterfly garden at the bronx zoo when I was younger and I was excited to visit this conservatory. When I was younger I went through a phase where I was obsessed with butterflies I loved the pretty colors on their wings and I found them drinking nectar from flowers to be elegant. I guess my small obsession with butterflies was still there because as I was walking through the Butterfly conservatory I kept hoping that a few would land on me like how a bird would land on Snow Whites finger. I walked slowly and tried spotting as many different butterflies as I could I even took a few pictures. Going to the butterfly conservatory made me feel like a little girl again, being excited by all the pretty wigs that were fluttering around and just trying to capture their beauty. The butterfly observatory was something that I have been wanting to do for a while but often times get lazy about because it’s too far or I’m scared that it would be too packed. After the butterfly conservatory I decided to view other exhibits at the museum in order to feel like I got my money’s worth. I Enjoyed the butterfly museum but I didn’t think it was worth 23 dollars.

I enjoyed this experience I enjoyed being outside especially because the weather had improved greatly over the weekend and there were a lot of other things to do that surrounded the Butterfly conservatory. Sadly I didn’t have any butterflies that were landing on me but I was happy with being able to see them up close and being able to take pictures of the ones that weren’t moving too much. The only thing I would have regretted from this trip is how much I had spent. Lucky seeing other exhibits in the museum and walking around central park made up for it. This experience was very peaceful and reminded me of the great time had around here when I was growing up. I Also realized that even though I had been to a lot of places around New York that there were a lot more place that I still haven’t been too. This could be due to the fact that my mom often took us to placed that were free like central park or nearly free in order to save money. This project inspired me to go out more because I really enjoy it and I get bored from staying home all the time. I want to be able to see more places in New York. I have always said that I would stay and live in New York when I grew up and while that still may be true I have realized that I also want to travel, I want to see and experience new places. During this trip I realized that I want to learn and see different cultures which is something that I didn’t know I was interested in until after I had seen the Butterfly Conservatory and I was walking around the American Museum of Natural history.


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