My Essays

I am not much of an essay person, I’m more of bullet point or list type of person. I’m not really a fan of writing but its OK if i have to do it i will do it. A lot of the time I usually make some type of outline/bullet point before I dive into an essay.  Whenever I write an essay i usually have trouble structuring it and getting to the point. I generally like to include quotes from the material if there is any and i would reference it a lot. I also put a lot of details in to prove my point. I usually have problems when it comes to the intro and conclusion, I just don’t know what to write or to put in there, i feel as if it would be a lot easier for me to literally write “bye” then a whole conclusion of stuff I’m summarizing and putting in random details from the readings. But these are my essays and i need ot work on the and they will get better eventually…

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  1. ericakaufman says:

    But, Ravi, what if an essay could be anything? What would you write about? What would it look like?

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