The power of tea.

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather recently and I found myself with a lot of time at home so I decided to mess around in the kitchen a bit. On Saturday I was feeling the worst from the cold so I begged my mom to show me her tea cabinet. I’m not really a freak for tea but I do drink it whenever I have the chance (when my mom decides to make some). However, I was feeling desperate and my mom wasn’t home so I was on my own.

To my surprise the tea I made came out pretty good. I made some green tea and added some pomegranate (because I like pomegranates) and it came out awesome! I instantly started feeling the benefits. My nose wasn’t as congested and my headache was gone. It’s at times like these where I truly question the effectiveness of medication. That tea helped rejuvenate me more than any pill could. I think I might start drinking more tea (if I find ones I like). In other news, Derrick Rose is back in the lineup and he doesn’t look rusty at all. (y)

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  1. I love green tea ! & pomegranates…& tea in general. Haha *thumbs up

  2. Yeah pomegranates are my favorite fruit. Ever.

  3. Omg I love tea, Have any of you guys tried the teas in the new fresh juice and tea store by baruch? If you know of any places where they have all different kinds of tea, please post the name 🙂

  4. I enjoy a good cup of tea myself, but have you ever tried Grape Drink. I heard its the best stuff in the world, but it will not cure anything and will probably make you feel worse if you’re sick.

  5. Have I tried Grape Drink? Man, I grew up on that s***.

  6. Tea Leaf says:

    Its mind boggling what a yahoo search will reveal at times. Literally just found this blog by accident basically. Thankyou.

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