The library will be closed on November 27 (Thursday)and  November 28 (Friday) for Thanksgiving. We will re-open on November 29 (Saturday) for regular hours.  For details on library hours throughout the semester, go to the Hours page on the library website.

Baruch College faculty and staff are making four presentations at the 13th Annual CUNY IT Conference, which will be held on December 4 and 5, 2014.  The information regarding those sessions is provided below.  The full conference program and registration information may be found on the conference web site.


E Pluribus Unum: Coordinating Digital Programs at Baruch College

(Federated Systems Track) – 12/4 @ 1:00 p.m.

Baruch College Library’s Digital Initiative builds bridges to connect disparate digital assets management solutions across campus. Faculty librarians outline their approach to establishing a campus-wide policy and workflow to collect, digitize, and ingest digital materials for user access and long-term preservation. Pioneers from the Office of Communications and Marketing discuss the challenges of this collaborative process, changes in practices, and the upcoming transformation of their photo library.

Arthur Downing
, Vice President for Information Services and Dean of the Library, Baruch College
Kimmy Szeto, Assistant Professor – Metadata Librarian, Newman Library, Baruch College
Jessica Wagner, Assistant Professor – Digital Initiatives Librarian, Newman Library, Baruch College
Jean Strong, Digital Communications Manager, Office of Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs, Baruch College
Amalia Reinhardt, Graphic Designer, Office of Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs, Baruch College


Building Pedagogically-Sound and Technologically-Smart Hybrid Courses

(Pedagogies Track) – 12/5 @ 9:30 a.m.

Baruch’s Center for Teaching and Learning supports the College’s effort to bolster its online and hybrid course offerings with seminars that guide faculty through the process of transitioning from a face-to-face to a hybrid mode of instruction. Faculty members from multiple disciplines think, write, and talk through how hybridization may augment existing learning goals, the ideal architecture of online spaces, and how assignments and assessments should be reshaped.

Luke Waltzer
, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Baruch College
Kate O’Donoghue, Hybrid Coordinator, Center for Teaching and Learning, Baruch College
Debra Caplan, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Baruch College
Antonietta D’Amelio, Lecturer, Department of Modern Languages & Comparative Literature, Baruch College
Kannan Mohan, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems, Baruch College


Utilizing Technology to Foster and Empower Student Entrepreneurship Across CUNY

(Networking Track) - 12/5 @ 1:00 p.m.

The CUNY Center for Student Entrepreneurship (CSE) is a Baruch College led University-wide network to support/ encourage student entrepreneurship. The student Incubator “kicked-off” July 1, 2014. More broadly, technology is essential to link campus-based outposts with CSE to inform and engage interested students and faculty, culminating in an incubator/accelerator experience. This session will present convening, supporting and servicing elements, forming an emerging entrepreneurship technology platform across CUNY.

John Clark
, CUNY Central Office, Acting Executive Director, CUNY Center for Student Entrepreneurship, (CSE).
Edward Rogoff, Baruch College, Co-Academic Director, CSE
Stuart Schulman, Baruch College, Co-Academic Director, CSE
Christoph Winkler, Baruch College, Director, Technology, Innovation and Research, CSE
Edgar Troudt
, Kingsborough Community College, Director, Technology, CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE)


Vocat 3.0: Ongoing Use and Future Development

(Tools Track) - 12/5 @ 2:15 p.m.

Since the release of the rebuilt Vocat in Spring 2014, evaluators have used the tool’s time-stamped annotations, peer review, server-side video processing, and video embeds in exciting ways. In this presentation, current Vocat users will share their innovative projects, and Center for Teaching and Learning staff will detail how current use is shaping ongoing development.

Luke Waltzer
, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Baruch College
Craig Stone, Educational Technology Specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning, Baruch College
Anderson Evans, Vocat Coordinator, Center for Teaching and Learning, Baruch College
Dennis Dolack, Writing and Communications Tutorial Coordinator, Student Academic Consulting Center, Baruch College
Julia Goldstein, Adjunct Professor, Communication Studies / Communication Fellow, Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute, Baruch College
Debra Hilborn, Adjunct Professor, Communication Studies; Communication Fellow / Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute, Baruch College


When Humanity Fails

The Sandra Kahn Wasserman Jewish Studies Center and Hillel have arranged for the Newman Library to host “When Humanity Fails“, an exhibition on loan from the Afikim Foundation.  As the exhibition web site notes, “One Soul: When Humanity Fails exhibition fills the growing schism that is arising between the dying generation of survivors and the new generation of youth that is struggling to comprehend the depths of evil that abounded in the Holocaust. While Holocaust education has certainly grown in importance, the method by which it is taught focuses on the death and destruction without teaching students about the lessons that can be learned and how their emotional and intellectual responses can be channeled into constructive action and awareness.” The exhibition will be on display in the Engelman Reading Room through December 2, 2014.

Link to the Exhibition Web Site


This week the library is launching a new search tool called OneSearch. With OneSearch, you can go to the yellow search bar on the library website and search for books, articles, DVDs, CDs, and reports all in one place. In the past, you’d have to run separate searches to do that, but now you can use one tool to find a wide variety of sources.

OneSearch brings together:

  • listings from the library catalog for all the:
    • books, DVDs, and CDs we own,
    • journals, magazines, and newspapers we have in print or microfilm,
    • journals, magazines, and newspapers we have in e-formats;
  • a huge article database that represents the majority of all the articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers that we have in full-text online.

This new search service also represents a major upgrade over our previous  “Articles” search on the old search bar. You can still run articles-only searches from the search bar by using the “Articles” tab, but results now will be served up by our improved OneSearch engine.

As you search, it’s recommended that you sign in using your library ID number (found on the lower right side of your Baruch ID card) so that you can:

  • see all the possible search results,
  • request copies of books held at other CUNY libraries,
  • renew the loan period for any books you’ve checked out.

We think you’re going to find OneSearch an efficient way to search across a wide range of sources, especially when you’re not sure where to begin your search. As you use the service, we’d love to hear to what you think of it. Please share your experiences with it by using the green “feedback” button found on every page in OneSearch.

The library will be open continuously from 7 am on October 14 through 11:59 pm on October 24. Only currently enrolled Baruch College students may remain in the library between the hours of midnight and 7 am.

For details on library hours throughout the semester, go to the Hours page on the library website.

The library will be closed on Monday, October 13, 2014, for Columbus Day. We will re-open on October 14 for regular hours.  For details on library hours throughout the semester, go to the Hours page on the library website.

Newman Library has received a special set of documents that provide insight into the military junta that once governed Argentina.  Agustín Rossi, Argentina’s current Minister of Defense, presented the documents to David Birdsell, Dean of the School of Public Affairs, as a gift to the Newman Library.  The gift includes the six-volume set, Actas de la Dictadura, which records the meetings of the junta leadership (1976–1983).  In addition, there is a pamphlet, Lista Negras, that reproduces the lists of artists, musicians, journalists, writers, academics, and other intellectuals who were persecuted by the government for their supposed Marxist views.   The books will be display in the Library’s Engelman Reading Room through October 31.  After the exhibition, the documents will be available for use in the Archives and Special Collections Division.

The significance of the documents and the importance of their being available through the Newman Library are discussed  in the press release from the Ministry of Defense.


Agustín Oscar Rossi (left) and David Birdsell

The Library has approximately 540 TI-89 graphing calculators available for Baruch College students to borrow for the fall 2014 semester.  Students who are interested in borrowing a calculator must enter their names on a list in ONE of the following ways:

1.  Text the word “calculator” to 877877 and reply to the request for your Baruch e-mail address.  (Message and data rates may apply.)


2.  Enter your Baruch e-mail address on this online form.

Students will be selected at random from the list on September 3, 2014 and notified by e-mail to come to the circulation desk to pick up the calculator.  Students who are selected from the waiting list will have one week from the sending of the e-mail message to pick up the calculator.  Calculators that are not picked up within the week will be distributed at the 2nd floor circulation desk on a first-come, first-served basis.  Each student may only submit one entry to the waiting list.  Multiple entries will result in disqualification from the calculator loan process.  Entries must be submitted by 7:00 a.m. on September 3.

Update 09/03/2014 (8:50 a.m.): The calculator waiting list for Fall 2014 is now closed and the students who have been randomly chosen from the waiting list to receive a calculator will contacted by the Library’s Access Services Division via their Baruchmail addresses.

Baruch College is undertaking an important study aimed at aligning our Library spaces with the changing needs of our users. The ultimate goal is to create a framework for phased renovation, adapting to the changing trends in how we teach and learn in a 21st century academic environment, that will enable increased collaborative and individual study, provide new and enhanced learning technologies and library services, and provide greater flexibility and choice of places to study and do work while maximizing the utilization of our space resources.

One of the critical first steps in exploring opportunities for improvement is to understand users’ needs and preferences. Over the next 3 months, we will conduct a number of activities aimed at better understanding these needs, including:

  1. Interviews and Workshops
  2. Online Library Performance Survey for Students, Faculty and Staff
  3. Observational Studies

Invitations for participation in these activities will be sent to members of the Baruch Community  shortly. Your input and support will be essential to the success of this transformational initiative.

Due to essential electrical repairs in the Library & Technology Building there will be no network services, including Internet access and wifi service, in that building and the Annex Building on Thursday, May 15th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Network services are planned to be restored in the building by 8:00 a.m. on the 16th. The building will remain open, its usual hours during the service outage. The library will be open until midnight and circulation services will remain open as previously scheduled until 10:00 p.m. On the rest of the campus network services will operate as normal. The labs on the 6th floor of the Vertical Campus will be open until 11:30 p.m., because the main computing lab in the Library building will be closed during the outage. On Friday, May 16th the library will open at 7:00 a.m. and remain open continuously for final examinations until 11:59 p.m. on May 23rd.