Fourth Floor Reopens Partially

Compact shelving with booksThe north side of the fourth floor has reopened for use.  The books on that floor are now stored on new mobile high-density shelving.  Library users who do not have experience with this type of shelving should ask a staff member at the circulation desk on the 2nd floor for assistance with retrieving a book. The south side of the floor, including the study rooms, remains closed until the  completion of the stack renovation project.  Public Safety has placed caution tape around the perimeter advising users not to enter that area.

Temperature in the Library Building

Library Book StacksLibrary users may be wondering why the building has become so warm.  It is not due to the level of heating that the College is using during the winter.  It is actually due to the shutdown of cooling in the building for necessary maintenance.  One of the many projects currently underway to maintain our campus involves piping replacement in our building.   The contractor must replace hundreds of feet of pipe within the basement and shafts of the building. They have scheduled the project to have the heating side of the piping replaced in the summer, and the cooling side replaced in the winter.  We are now in the process of replacing the cooling side of the system. Building and Grounds has some ability to control the temperature within the space however, the unusually warm days that we have experienced this winter present a challenge.  Users may want to explore other study areas on campus as necessary.