Atrium Ceiling Glass Replacement Project

The scaffolding in the Library has been constructed to enable workers to replace the glass in the ceiling of the atrium, which has been the source of flooding in the building.

It will take approximately three weeks for the scaffolding to be fully built and it will occupy the entire atrium space.   The project will take at least six months.

Library users should follow the signs to navigate safely around the work area and to locate services that have been temporarily moved.

Library Atrium Scaffolding on Day One

First day of construction of the scaffolding

We regret the inconvenience to library users while this necessary repair work is done.  The project reflects the longstanding commitment of the College to maintain our building for the benefit of current and future members of the Baruch College community.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this project.


UPDATE: October 24, 2018

The scaffolding now extends farther to the west side of the floor (see accompanying photo.).  Once completed it will enclose the entire interior of the atrium space on the 2nd floor with a central passageway leading from the entrance to the spiral staircase

Library Atrium Scaffolding on Day 2

Second day of construction of the scaffolding

The reference desk has relocated to room 225 on the northeast side.  Signs are posted to direct library users to the new location.  Today the standing workstations in the center of the atrium space will begin to be relocated to the perimeter of the space.  Students who use these computers to submit print jobs are reminded that the College provides a mobile printing service that enables students to submit jobs from their own mobile devices whether on or off campus.  Students do not need to log into a computer on campus to print.  Details on the mobile printing service are provided in a previous news post.

UPDATE: November 13, 2018

The construction of the scaffolding has progressed past the library floors and has almost reached the atrium ceiling.

Scaffolding near roof of Library

Scaffolding on November 12, 2018