Narrative of Metacognition

Isaac Asimov reveals the true meaning of what intelligence means in his perspective, in which it is seen as more of a necessity rather than an advantage in society. There are different forms of intelligence where one can be skilled enough to be acknowledged academically, one can be an intelligent carpenter, etc. Different fields make up society as one where academic intelligence is not the only type needed. in my personal opinion I would define Intelligence as the ability of retaining and information and utilizing that knowledge to ,apply in real world problems. I completely agree with asimov’s definition of intelligence as someone who’s breaks from experience. Growing up people have always been better with certain subjects to the point where I thought I was just the worst. But I’ve come to see that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I would say that some of my strengths and talents include Being able to work with numbers, enjoying playing the violin, and keeping to myself.

After taking the multiple intelligence survey, I got my results that were what I expected. My top 3 intelligent types were logical mathematics where I scored 78. Second I scored musical with 75 points and lastly I scored visual/spatial with 66 points. I expected the the results of the first two because I had known that mathematics had always been my strength- as well as, playing instruments had brought me a sense of belonging. Ever since I started playing the violin 8 years ago, I saw that I was able to concentrate on assignments and retain information. Although It may seem hard to believe, playing an instrument brings about several benefits. I was surprised with the results from the last visual/spatial because whenever I see an image I always end up forgetting what I had seen a couple seconds ago. Nevertheless, the intelligence test brought a new perspective of a category I should be acknowledged as it may be a strength for me in the future.

6 thoughts on “Narrative of Metacognition

  1. I agree that that visual/spatial can be a strength for you in the future. I believe that you always had this as a strength but just didn’t notice. Now that you are aware of it you will start to realizes instances where your strength factors into your life.

  2. Your definition of intelligence made a great point and I think it’s very true that intelligence is being able to use what you learn into daily life. I also had very similar results as you. My top two intelligences was also logical/mathematical and musical.

  3. I agree with your definition of intelligence and I feel that you phrased your definition very effectively. Using your knowledge and experience in the appropriate situations is what makes a person intelligent. Additionally, logical/mathematical is an intelligence that resonates with me because it was in my top 3 intelligences.

  4. I like how you mentioned that different fields of intelligence make up society rather than only having one type of intelligence. Also, aside from improving concentration and retaining information, do you think playing the violin could have impacted your mathematical skills?

  5. I like how you brought a different side to what intelligence is as the utilization of knowledge in order to tackle real-world problems. In my opinion, using this definition of intelligence would mean that any person can be intelligent even if they aren’t an expert in their field.

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