“What is Intelligence”

Asimov’s essay describes how he is deemed by society as intelligent. However, he questions how reliable society is when society uses people who are deemed intelligent to create the intelligent tests for other people. Asimov then uses an example of his mechanic and how he would score low on a conventional intelligence test, but how he would be an idiot compared to me in the realm of cars. Furthermore, he ends off with a joke told by the mechanic to Asimov and how the mechanic knew he wouldn’t be able to get it because “Because you’re so goddamned educated, doc, I knew you couldn’t be very smart.”. I personally believe that intelligence is very diverse but there is a general standard. The general standard is deviated from tests that Asimov scored so high in. Sure there is an argument to be made that those tests could be biased or inaccurate in certain scenarios but they overall do prove how well your basic intelligence is. However, I do believe in the idea of book smarts vs street smarts in that plenty of people excel in educational environments but do extremely poorly in societal environments. This is something a conventional intelligence test can’t really test. I would say my strength is that I catch onto things quickly and I have a very good sense of what’s going on around me. I like to remain very alert and easily pick up on things once shown them once or twice.

The multiple intelligence survey resulted in me getting a 94% match with visual and spatial learners. This skill is mainly used by architects, engineers, and artists. I feel like this result is accurate as I love watching things be done in order to learn them. Almost any math class I take I review the material by watching someone on YouTube redo problems at home. I think my intelligence survey result directly relates to my strength. Being able to pick up on things quickly while also being aware is something visual and spatial learners would be more prone too.

2 thoughts on ““What is Intelligence”

  1. I’m impressed with how accurate your survey results were in relation to your intelligence. It’s interesting that you’re a visual learner and that you are able to quickly grasp and comprehend the material.

  2. I definitely agree the idea of how there is a difference between being book smart vs street smart and that street smart cannot be tested through an intelligence test. I am also amazed by your high match with a specific type of intelligence because that is not common with these types of surveys.

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