Narrative of Metacognition

Asimov’s essay, “What is Intelligence, Anyways?” is about the difference in intelligence. Asimov finds this out by talking to an auto-repair man and compares himself. He acknowledges that he’s very intelligent academically wise but when considering other aspects like anything auto-repair related, he would know close to nothing. My definition of intelligence is the ability to intake information and critically think with it. I believe that an intelligent individual would be able to absorb information very quickly. This doesn’t exactly fall in line with what Asimov’s way of thinking is. He believes that people have different types of intelligence, I think that falls more under the category of being gifted at a certain subject. My strengths, interests, and talents line up pretty nicely. I have always been a very STEM orientated person even when I was young. Even now while I’m studying business I still want to pursue something technology related as my career.

My top three intelligence are Intrapersonal, Logical/Mathematical, and Visual/Spatial. Intrapersonal means I’m able to distinguish my feelings and use emotional intelligence to make decisions in life. Logical/Mathematical is more literal in the sense I’m able to use numbers effectively. Visual/Spatial means I’m able to create mental images well and is usually tied to artists, engineers, and architects. I agree with these results. The intrapersonal intelligence is one I’m not too familiar with, but the results said many people have this. The other two however, I strongly agree with. Both Logical/Mathematical and Visual/Spatial match with my interests, talents, and strengths. These two intelligence types are both suited for me who wants to pursue a career in STEM.

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