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The topic I read about was, “What Makes a Good Race Joke”. The topic was about multiple comedians who use race in their jokes and their reasoning behind it. Comedian Brian Bahe explains that since he is indigenous, any joke he makes, whether implicit or not, is going to be made about race. So he felt that all of his jokes are about race so he might as well actually make jokes about race in order to shed light on cultural and societal issues like the stealing of indigenous land. Comedian Maz Jobrani says something similar to Brian Bahe. He also makes race jokes in order to shed light and truth on cultural and societal issues happening. For instance, he made a lot of jokes about the insurrection on January 6th to shed the truth about the insurrectionists that day.

In my opinion, I think jokes about race or even jokes as a whole are made in order to tell the truth. I think it’s a way to convey the truth in a common sense type of way while not doing it in an authoritarian manner.

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  1. I also chose the same article and I agree with you as well. Putting the topic of race in jokes can make the topic less heavy, but also make people aware of it.

  2. I think this article is interesting although I don’t necessarily agree with it . I don’t think using race within jokes can be taken well in society especially since it’s a real problem in society.

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