Literature of the Harlem Renaissance helped me understand why it is so important to dig into digital humanities. One of our last readings was entirely focused on that of the Black Digital Humanities. This was a very important focus because if it wasn’t for the dedicated readers and historians we would not have 80% of the work we have read for this class. History is something that is so rich and important in modern day. Literary works of the past give us a lens into a point in time in which things were changing. Of course in this class we focused on the Harlem Renaissance which was an important period for black culture and history. The poets, artist ,and writers of this time gave us an insight of what the Harlem Renaissance meant for the New Negro. A movement that was essential in creating a culture that influenced even those today who are still fighting for social equality in America. If it wasn’t for these works the New Negro movement would just be a brief moment in history that had no significance fortunately it did not end that way. The Harlem renaissance and the new negro movement taught me that it is important to teach these things in a history class in early education this should not be a course that you take in a college or university. This time in history is something that needs to be taught in the American timeline of the history classes in high school and middle school.Imagine the effect this would have on many not only black students but students of other races. This time in history needs to be told in public schools. It is something that has touched me and opened my eyes on the history of black Americans.

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