Throughout the period of our course one of the major key roles of this class was to write blogs that would be available on our course website. This course website was accessible to my fellow classmates and the professor. It provided the class with blogs that were created every time we as a class read an important reading that contributed to the Harlem renaissance. One thing to consider about making these blogs is that it is crucial to the internet in general . Although our course website wasn’t available to the public it was to my belief to other students of Baruch college. Therein lies an important aspect of the whole college experience and also the research aspect of learning new things.Students from other courses can use our blogs as references or even just a way of learning new things. A student may stumble upon our blog on the crisis magazine now that student may be working on a project that is based on old magazines and this may have helped in completing his/her project. Here is another example a student maybe interested on the history of Harlem because he/she is curoious of the place from where she is raised till this day Harlem still has a unique culture so this student may be interested in the history of Harlem thus he or she stumbling upon the blog on survey graphic: Harlem Mecca of the new negro. This access to blogs for other students may help others in their own way and this is an important aspect of researching. I myself found it helpful looking at my classmates’ drafts of their blogs to help formulate the structure of how my final blog posts were going to look like.Another key thing that is important is the fact that other fellow classmates are able to comment on your blog post. Commenting on a peer’s work helps them get some feedback, feedback is important when you want to make a paper that is excellent. When a student creates their blog post or whatever literary work they are going to create they need feedback before they finish their final draft. Without feedback a student won’t be able to know what they are missing and what they need to add on to their work. Until they have added the necessary additions based on the feedback they received they are then able to create a good piece of work.Now imagine if the course website my and my fellow peers were writing blog posts on was public the amount of feedback and interest would be immense. Any outsider outside of the college would be able to read and collect some information or have a new interest in what they would like to know more about. Public feedback is definitely helpful especially for a student who needs it for them to make a great piece of literary work.