The underground art world in New York has been known for its strange, innovative and dynamic nature. Its blessing and its curse, however, is that it is underground. This blog will illuminate the local and underground art scene of New York to avid art-lovers and city-dwellers.

These events, which encompass not only art, but music, apparel, and dance, occur weekly throughout various venues and neighborhoods in the city. Not only will readers be notified of present/upcoming events here, but will also be provided with a thorough perspective and background of each event. To facilitate this service, reviews and interviews with curators, artists, photographers, and each event’s attendees, will also be provided.

Additionally, this blog hopes to do justice to the creators and contributors of each event by conveying the messages of the artists, acknowledging the work of the curators, and displaying the responsibilities of the social media developers. In its totality, this blog will serve as web-documentation of the underground art world.